Spiritual Talk – Fr Ho talks about St. John Bosco (39)

by Kenny Cheng

Turin was a big city where many people led dissolute lives. Among the prisoners, status was dictated by the length of prison sentence and the older criminals would teach the younger ones to commit crime – few priests carried out prison ministry because it was so difficult. But St. John Bosco acted as a benevolent father to many imprisoned youth, humanely teaching them that evil deeds had evil consequences in this life and the next. Once, John Bosco challenged some imprisoned youths to recount to him their grandest life stories in Confession. The youths were excited and argued over whom among them had the biggest sins. When they went one-by-one to the confessional, John Bosco used suitable means to get even the meanest youths to repent, so that many of them became his friends; and upon leaving prison, they became constructive members of society.


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