Spiritual Talk – Fr Ho talks about St. John Bosco (45)

by Kenny Cheng

St. John Bosco worked tirelessly for the Oratory, until one day he collapsed on the floor. He had contracted tracheitis and, within eight days, was approaching death. Although he was prepared for death, he was sad to leave this world and the Oratory’s children – his only consolation was the knowledge that he had left the Oratory well-formed. Hearing the news, the Oratory’s children made every effort to visit him. But the nurse rejected their requests, saying that bringing him excessive excitement would worsen his condition. Many people were moved on seeing the children and said, “See how much these children loved him!” Unable to see their beloved priest, the children attended Mass together to pray for his speedy recovery. But John Bosco’s condition did not improve, so the children promised God to pray fifteen decades of the Rosary for a month, a year, even a lifetime, and to eat only bread and water for several months each year. Even some masons, despite their gruelling workload, fasted and went to church to pray for John Bosco as well. In the end, God answered their prayers and John Bosco recovered, resuming his role as spiritual father to the Oratory’s children.

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