Spiritual Talk – Fr. Ho speaks on St. Martin de Porres

by Kenny Cheng

Fr. Anthony Ho continues to describe to us the history of the Church. This time, Fr. Ho speaks on St. Martin de Porres who was born in Sixteenth Century Peru. Martin was born in 1579, and displayed great care and charity towards the poor even from a young age. When he was fifteen, he requested to be accepted as a lay Dominican for community service, and formally professed in 1603 as a brother. He has special graces in the areas of healing and prayer, but his most important attributes were the virtues of charity and humility which radiated from his being. Apart from showing care to people, he also had a special love of animals, including rats found in the kitchen. As a result, there are many stories surrounding his interactions with animals, and rumors has it that all animals he came across will be fed and healed by him. It seems that even animals can understand and obey his words. He was also a good friend of St. Rose of Lima. Finally, St. Martin passed away in 1639 on November 3rd, with his final words being: “et homo factus est” which means “and was made man”.

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