Spiritual Talk – St. Vincent de Paul

Date: 2016-07-16
Topics: People
Audio Segment Types: Spiritual Talk
Languages: Cantonese


Brief description:

This time, Fr. Ho speaks on St. VIncent de Paul who was born in Sixteenth Century France. Vincent was born in 1581, and displayed great mercy and charity towards the poor even from a young age. When he was ordained a priest in 1600, while evangelizing across the country, he came into contact with many who suffered and developed a deeper understanding of the harsh reality of life, solidifying his desire for charitable work. Vincent established a new religious community named “Congregation of the Mission”, later known as the “Society of St. Vincent de Paul”, which developed rapidly. He also established the “Ladies of Charity” (later known as the the Daughters of St. Vincent de Paul) with St. Louise de Marillac, a religious community which looked after the sick. Vincent built many hospitals and charitable institutions, taking in orphans, abandoned babies, the elderly, prostitutes, prisoners, the sick, the lame and the poor. Towards the end of his life he was often bedridden with sickness, suffering immensely. He died peacefully in 1660 at the age of 80. He was canonized in 1737 and named as the patron of charitable causes.