Spiritual Talk – 10th Sunday of Ordinary Time (Year C)

by Kenny Cheng

On the 10th Sunday of Ordinary Time (Year C), Fr. Anthony Ho continues to describe to us the history of the early Church. This time, Fr. Ho speaks on the St. Ignatius of Loyola who was born in the Fifteenth Century. St. Ignatius was a soldier who was forced to return home when he was seriously wounded. During this time, he was touched by God and resolved to follow and serve Him. After a long period of prayer and penance, Ignatius recorded his spiritual experiences and inspirations into a book called “The Spiritual Exercises”. Perhaps his greatest contribution is the formation of the Society of Jesus, who profess the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, as well as loyalty to the pope, to educate the faithful in the tenets of the faith.

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