Spiritual Talk – Pentecost Sunday (Year C)

by Kenny Cheng

On Pentecost Sunday (Year C), Fr. Anthony Ho continues to describe to us the history of the early Church. This time, Fr. Ho speaks about the setbacks the Church encountered during the 15th and 16th centuries, beginning from Martin Luther’s reformation, which led to further outcries for reform and resulted in increased opposition to the Church, with many ultimately deciding to leave the Church. Due to this, the Church called the Council of Trent to renew the faith and its teachings. Some of the topics that were discussed include the authority of the Bible and Tradition; the seven sacraments which were instituted by Jesus Christ; the true offering of Christ in the Mass with Christ’s true presence in the Eucharist. The Council also discussed the authority of the Church to bestow Holy Orders and the power that comes from such ordinations, as well as the fundamentals of seminary formation. Finally, the prayer life and the importance of devotions for the faithful were also discussed. After the Council ended, St. Pope Pius V worked to put into practice the fruits of the Council discussions, especially popularizing the reflections of Jesus’ passion and the practice of praying the Rosary.

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