Because God Tells Me So, Part 1

by Kenny Cheng

In this episode, Lyndon and Jeremy chat about how doing the will of God is REALLY different from what secular society thinks, even what Chinese society thinks. Just being a nice person who works hard to get a good job and raise a good family isn’t enough – there are tons of people already like that outside the Church. We also talk about why God doesn’t just talk to us audibly (that would make things soooo much easier) and why He permitted the Catholic Faith to enter China so late – was He playing favourites?

The song you heard in the intro and outro was “Roll Away Your Stone” and “Awake My Soul”, both by Mumford and Sons, and the song in the middle was “All My Days” by Alexi Murdoch; the transition music was by Broke For Free. If you have any friends and family that you think would like this podcast, please share us with them wherever you listen to your podcasts!


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