Because God Tells Me So, Part 2

Date: 2019-04-15
Languages: English


Brief description:

In this episode, Lyndon and Jeremy chat about discernment again, but this time taking a more structured approach. We talk about what discernment is, how it’s different from just taking care of your responsibilities well from a secular point of view, how it’s nothing to be scared of, and that discernment needs to be done in the context of a relationship with God, and not done by trying to discover a secret list of rules from God.

The song you heard in the intro and outro was “Roll Away Your Stone” and “Awake My Soul”, both by Mumford and Sons, and the song in the middle was “Dance with Who Brung Ya” by The Western Swing Authority; the transition music was by Jahzzar. If you have any friends and family that you think would like this podcast, please share us with them wherever you listen to your podcasts!

Segment Clips

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