“Road from Emmaus” Ep026 – On Gender and Pronouns

by Keith Fung

It’s been a growing trend over the last couple years that we’ve been seeing pronouns being put up next to people’s names–at work, at school, wherever. As discussion around gender becomes more and more prevalent within society, we as Catholics need to learn how to approach those conversations. And it’s okay if you don’t know. It’s okay to wonder how you should handle these situations, or how immoral you are or aren’t being in your pursuit to love your neighbour. On today’s episode, Andrew and Jason try to unpack these questions, and they offer their opinions on how they would approach these conversations.

Resource for Canadian federal election voting from a Catholic perspective: https://catholicconscience.org/
Also, Bran is a mini poodle, not a mini doodle. Sorry Bran.


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