To Save a Life (Part II)

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On this week’s “Love and Life”, we invited Dr. Jason Kwok, Dr. Peter Chen and James, a close family member of a Leukaemia patient, to continue to share with us the need for stem cell transplant, the low number of Chinese stem cell donors and the process for registering as a stem cell donor. As a family member of a patient, James also deeply describes the family’s worry and helpless emotions, encouraging youth to actively register for this stem cell donation process.

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Spiritual Talk - Year A 5th Sunday of Lent 2014

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On the 5th Sunday of Lent, Fr. Anthony Ho examines Jesus' resurrection of Lazarus in John's Gospel. This miracle presents to us Jesus' divinity, glory and power. Only He can rescue us from death, to give us the gift of everlasting life. He is the source of all life. If we wish to gain eternal life, we must follow Him steadfastly.

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