The Joy of Knowing How to Read the Bible

This Sunday’s readings give us a good glimpse into Typology - an amazing biblical interpretation technique that enables us to see the unity of the Old and New Testaments. [...]

Pope Francis: True freedom is fully expressed in love

At the Wednesday General Audience, Pope Francis continues his catechesis on St Paul’s Letter to the Galatians, emphasising that Christian freedom is expressed in serving others. [...]

This is Justice, This is Mercy

Mr. Perry, our school principal, once shared a story about when he was young, he and his family took the ferry to Salt Spring Island. He had a friend who led him down to the door of the engine room, where they snooped around, and when a worker looked angrily at them, his friend threw something at the man. Then he and Mr. Perry ran away. At the end of [...]

“You do not know what you are asking” (Mk 10:38)

By this time in his ministry, Jesus has foretold three times his own Death and Resurrection to the apostles. The last prediction is the most detailed, specifying that his death will result from a conspiracy of the Jewish and Roman authorities, “… we are going up to Jerusalem, and the Son of Man will be given over to the chief priests and the teachers [...]

Pope Francis: Christian freedom “does not enter into conflict with cultures or with the traditions we have received,”

Pope Francis says that, freed by grace and love, Christianity is able to welcome every people and culture, and in turn opens peoples and cultures to greater freedom. [...]

Too hard a demand from Jesus?

This Sunday's Gospel reading is one of the many hard sayings of Jesus. It is about renunciation - first, of material possessions and second, of relations (rf Mk 10:23, 29). The radicalism in breaking economic and human ties has always been received with averse reactions. It is even more so today when we are more easily connected to each other and the world. [...]

Pope Francis: Freedom is a gift given to us in baptism

In his weekly General Audience, Pope Francis continues his reflection on St. Paul’s Letter to the Galatians, exploring the concept Christian freedom and how Christ, the Truth, achieved it in His supreme act of love on the Cross. [...]

Our Bodies Are Good

A few weeks ago, some students in our school asked me if Catholics should support the LGBTQ movement—it’s wonderful that they spoke about what was really on their minds. I tried to answer by exposing the worst parts of transgender ideology: The confusion of and harm towards children, with the advocacy of puberty blockers and surgery for children, [...]

God is Good!

The hardness of our heart blinds us from recognizing God’s goodness [...]

Pope Francis: The justification wrought by God, therefore, allows us to recuperate the innocence lost through sin

At the Wednesday General Audience, Pope Francis tackles the question of justification as he resumes his catechesis on St Paul’s Letter to the Galatians. [...]

Are Socialists Greedy?

About whom is St. James talking in the Second Reading? He writes: “Come now, you rich people, weep and wail for the miseries that are coming to you” (Jas 5:1). A Washington Post article two years ago wrote about “a growing resentment that the richest people… have somehow managed to get richer while most working stiffs are just one or two missed [...]

Cut it off! A difficult message from Jesus

In this Sunday's Gospel, Jesus speaks with incredible bluntness about cutting off one’s own hand, cutting off one’s own foot, and plucking out one’s own eye. These are hard, stark, blunt, and surprising words! How can we make sense out of it? [...]

Pope Francis: To feel the peace and the joy that the Lord gives us

At his weekly General Audience, Pope Francis reflects on last week’s Apostolic Journey to Budapest and Slovakia, calling it a pilgrimage to the roots of prayer and hope. [...]

Honesty With God About Our Envy

Sometime in the past year, I actually felt envious of Fr. Richard Conlin. I can’t remember exactly why, but it was either because people were leaving St. Anthony’s to go to his parish, Corpus Christi, or because he was getting more YouTube views. In one moment, it dawned on me: I’m insecure; he’s doing better than I am, he’s 15 years my junior, [...]

“They had argued with one another who was the greatest (9:34).

Jesus said to the twelve, “Whoever wants to be the first must be last of all and servant of all” (9:35). [...]

Pope Francis: Mary’s faith as a journey, a prophecy and as compassion

Celebrating his final Mass on Slovak soil near the National Marian Shrine of Šaštín on Wednesday, Pope Francis invites Slovaks to imitate Mary in her journey, her prophecy and her compassion. [...]

Perfect Freedom is Found in Christ

In June of this year, I read an article by Sohrab Ahmari, an Iranian who converted to Catholicism in 2016, and about his anxiety as a new father. The anxiety wasn’t about his son’s health, education, or anything like that, but, “What kind of a man will contemporary Western culture chisel out of my son?” [...]

The Mystery of Suffering

The next time we are confounded by the human fear of suffering, will we choose to follow James’ advice to persevere for spiritual maturity? Or, will we adopt the pre-Pentecost Peter’s mindset and refuse to accept suffering: "God forbid, Lord! No such thing shall ever happen to you" (Mt 16:22)? [...]

Pope Francis: Equality in Christ, which overcomes the social differences between the two sexes

At the General Audience on Wednesday, Pope Francis highlights the equality of all Christians in Christ, noting that anyone who accepts Christ in faith has “put on” Christ and His filial dignity through baptism. [...]

Jesus’ mission in one word

“Today, if you hear [God's] voice, hardened not your hearts” [...]

Pope Francis: We must continually keep to this “precious treasure, to the beauty of the newness of Christ,”

At the General Audience Pope Francis continues his catechesis on the apostle Paul's Letter to the Galatians when he warns them about straying from their new faith in Christ. He says we too are invited to reflect on how we live our faith and to ensure that our love of Christ, crucified and risen again, remains at the centre of our daily lives. [...]

Change Myself

Let me get right to the point today: Whatever’s bothering us, or is on our mind, has made the day or week hard, don’t focus on that. Jesus wants us to look at ourselves instead. Other people aren’t our problem, we are. If something is stealing our happiness, that’s our choice. The key word in the Gospel today is ‘defile.’ The Pharisees [...]

God’s Precepts Versus Human Precepts

Be “doers”, not “hearers”, of the word and bear witness to God’s love in all we say and do. [...]

Pope Francis: people who pretend, flatter, and deceive because they live with a mask over their faces and do not have the courage to face the truth

At the General Audience on Wednesday, Pope Francis warns about a type of “formalism” which can lead to hypocrisy, and in turn threatens the unity of the Church. [...]