Will only a few people be saved?

Will we be the ones to stand outside knocking when the master come? [...]

Pope Francis: Being members of the body of Christ makes believers co-responsible for each other

(CNA) Pope Francis decried hypocrisy and self-interest Wednesday, saying that Christian community should always be characterized by generosity and solidarity. [...]

Pope Francis: Light our lamps and be ready for our final encounter with the Lord

(Vatican News) Pope Francis reflects on this Sunday (August 11)’s Gospel and on Jesus’ call to be vigilant and to “light our lamps” as we await the final encounter with the Father. [...]

Finding Peace

When we care for someone, we have to reveal to them their value and gifts. [...]

Making a decision

In Rome I once met a newly married couple who were visiting from Vancouver. They were clearly in love—it was very sweet. Over lunch I asked how they met. The husband told me about their dating, and then about his long period of hesitation. However, during a confession, a priest asked him, “Well, are you going to marry her or what?” And he thought, [...]

Laziness or Rest?

Who in your family does the most work? Husband or wife? You or your siblings? Who does nothing? You can point at them if you’d like. We’re talking about laziness today. Some people, when they come home, don’t help prepare dinner, clean the house, or ever offer to help. After all, they say they need to rest; being in Grade 5 is hard work. [...]

Seeing is NOT believing!

Faith is a conviction that God is infinitely loving and merciful; the same faithful God patiently calls us to participate in His salvific plan. [...]

Pope Francis: What is the true wealth? A relationship with Jesus Christ

(CNA) Pope Francis Wednesday criticized those who give more consideration to money than the sacraments or helping others find true wealth – a relationship with Jesus Christ. [...]

“All Things Are Vanity” (Ecc 1:2)

When that day comes, hopefully my son would also be confident that his dad “is rich in what matters to God” (Luke 12:21). [...]

Being Rich Towards God

We’re now halfway through the Sabbath Summer, the season of resting in God and celebrating Him, and our goal is to have the best summer ever—how’s it going so far? Has the Lord given us what we wanted for this summer? Or, if you’re a guest here, is God answering your prayers? [...]

Pope Francis: Christian prayer is a dialogue between people who love one another based on trust

(Vatican News) In his reflection on Sunday’s Gospel, Pope Francis said that the disciples wanted “to experience the same ‘quality’” of prayer was present in Jesus’ relationship with the Father. [...]

Praying like Jesus

Here are the four most common stumbling blocks to prayer, in my experience: 1) We don’t know how to pray. 2) We run out of things to say. Dr. Tim Gray shares a story of how, when he was a teenager, he could pray on retreat and at the youth group, but, on his own, he didn’t know what to do. He wanted to hear God speak, but heard nothing. He would [...]

What are our Difficulties in Prayer?

Why is it difficult to pray? What are some of the spiritual blockages in our prayer? When we study the Bible related to prayer, there are certain rules that lead to effective prayer. Let us unfold them now. [...]

Pope Francis: The wisdom of the heart lies in knowing how to combine contemplation and action

(CNA) On July 21, in his message before the Angelus, Pope Francis reflected on the day’s Gospel, when Jesus goes to visit Mary and Martha, the sisters of Lazarus. [...]

Why we pray?

You have five seconds to answer the following question, one that people sometimes ask us, and will help our Sabbath Summer rest. If we don’t have a good answer, people won’t be convinced, and it’ll expose a weakness in us. The question is: Why do you pray? [...]

With whom do we identify ourselves, Martha or Mary?

Good works will not produce a Christ-centered life if they are done without the presence of Christ. [...]

Pope Francis: Judge your own heart first – not that of those in need

(CNA) Helping a person in need requires compassion toward their situation, Pope Francis said Sunday, encouraging Catholics to think first about their own hardness of heart, not the sins of others. [...]

Healing While Resting

Let me explain more deeply why, as a parish family, we’ve just started a season called. Not only do we need to rest, but, after being here for five years as your priest, I see many of us, including me, continuing to have the same problems. [...]

“Go and do likewise” (Luke 10:37)

“Love your neighbour as yourself" (Luke 10:27) [...]

Pope Francis: A prayer is truly Christian if it has a universal dimension

(Vatican News) Pope Francis focused his catechesis on Sunday on the missionary nature of the Church, pointing out that it must always be joyful and bring peace and healing. [...]

We Become What We Celebrate

Here are a few questions that will guide us throughout the summer: 1) What are your needs? God speaks through our legitimate needs. 2) What would make this summer the most restful one ever for you? 3) How much sleep do you need? Sleep isn’t always laziness. God wants us to rest. 4) How’s your prayer? Do you give God enough time or do you cheat [...]

Trust in the Lord

Trust - even when we are asked to go against our human survival instincts. [...]

Commitment Gives Freedom

I once found this hilarious video on YouTube, and then sent it to this guy I know. I talked to him later that day, and asked, “Did you watch the video?” He replied, “Nope, I don’t watch videos during work.” I was humbled. I thought I was a disciplined person, but this guy is more disciplined. No wonder he’s such an amazing person and leader. [...]

No Turning Back

With the dawning of the New Covenant era, turning back is no longer an option; “postponing commitment to the kingdom is tantamount to rejecting it”. [...]