The mystery of God in simple way

by May Tam

In today's Gospel reading, reminiscent of the thought and expression of John's Gospel, Jesus sublimely discloses the proper disposition for understanding the mystery of God, namely, a childlike simplicity.

In the First Reading, this mystery of God is already unveiled in the prophecy of the prophet Zechariah. God is the king who is triumphant and victorious. He is mighty and powerful and His dominion is from sea to sea. He cuts off chariot, war horse and warrior's bow, yet He humbly rides on a foal of a donkey. People who are lowly and have no other option but God, like Hannah and Mary, experienced this mysterious movement of God's life (rf 1 Sam 2:1-10, Lk 1:46-55).

But this mystery does not solely pertain to God's own being. It leads to His action which is best manifested in becoming poor and humble Himself in Christ (rf Phil 2:6-11). Jesus, the God Incarnate, lives in this mystery and gives witness in His own ministry. Though He is the King of kings and the Lord of lords, He forgives and eats with sinners, heals and has compassion for the sick and the needy. He invites those burdened by life's struggles and troubles to come to Him. While the “yoke” may not be lifted, He shows His solidarity with them and offers them hope and comfort.

Since God is “meek and humble”, it is no wonder that He bypasses the wise and the intelligent (rf Mt 11:29). This is not to say that Jesus despises them, after all, wisdom and intelligence are God-given gifts. What Jesus reprimands is that those, who are equipped with these gifts, have become too self-sufficient and self-satisfied to heed His teachings, much less to experience His mystery (rf Lk 12:15-21, 16:13, 19; Mt 19:16-24). God is in favor of the simple and little ones because they have His traits and in their powerlessness, they share with Him His mystery.

St Paul, in his letter to the Romans (Second Reading), reminds us that our lives are not comprised only of mortal bodies but are made alive in the spirit. So let the Spirit of God humble our arrogance and make us spiritually poor; let it purify our unruly desires and give us innocence of heart; let it cleanse our doubtful minds and teach us full reliance on God. Let us share God's mystery in childlike simplicity as Jesus reveals to us and win God's favor!