Receiving the eucharist

by FLL Editorial Team

我們吃來自天上的食糧,是否就可脫免肉身的死亡? 不會,我們依然會死去,但我們靈性的生命會得拯救: 不再對天主冷淡。

很多人會領受聖體,但卻如聖保祿所說「吃喝自己的罪案」(格前 11:27-29),最終遠離教會。因此,我們應徹底省察自己,參與彌撒前應辦告解,以痛悔的心走近祭台前祈禱: 寬恕我們的罪過如同我們寬恕別人一樣。那麼,我們就能在恩寵中領受聖體,滋養我們的靈魂。

Are we, who eat the bread that comes down from heaven, relieved from physical death? We are not: we will die. But we will be delivered from spiritual death - indifference to God.

Many receive the Eucharist from the Altar, and perish in receiving; eating and drinking his own damnation as St. Paul warned, eventually falling away from the church. So, thoroughly examine your conscience, go to confession before Mass, and approach the Altar with a contrite heart praying: forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Then will we be spiritually nourished, receiving the Eucharist in a state of grace.

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