Where does our faith come from?

by FLL Editorial Team

你是否毫無保留的相信耶穌? 別擔心自己信得不夠。今天的福音告訴我們,對耶穌的信德只能來自天主聖父。向天父祈禱,求祂助你更加認識和熱愛耶穌,以得享永生。你可以肯定天父必會俯允你! 但要記著亞巴郎在富翁與拉匝祿的比喻中的回應: 沒人能把信德灌輸給你!
Do you believe in Jesus without any reservations? Don't worry if you fall short. Today's gospel reveals that faith in Jesus can only come from the Father. Pray and ask the Father that you can come to know and love Jesus and enjoy life everlasting. You can be sure God will answer immediately! Just keep in mind Abraham's answer in the parable of the rich man and Lazarus though: faith in God will NOT be spoon-fed!

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