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Ask Fr. Francis – Are there different classes of angels? Why the narrative on the birth of Jesus differs among the gospel of Matthew and Luke?

Fr. Francis will address questions about angels and the synoptic gospel?
Publish date: 2019 - 7 - 6


Spiritual Talk – Fr Ho talks about angels and devils

Once, a catechism teacher asked their students, “Who created the angels?” “God,” replied the students. “Then who created the devils?” The students thought for a long time until one of them said, “God created them as angels, but they turned themselves into devils.” Humans and the angels are esteemed above the rest of God’s creation. Angels are pure spirit and have no bodies but have intellect and will. The ones who refused God became devils. Many theologians speculate that these devils rebelled upon being told that the Son would become a man instead of an angel and that they would have to serve the God-man, Jesus. Lucifer was one rebellious angel who led other angels against God and became Satan. These angels, instead of glowing from their gazing at God, grew dim from gazing at themselves. We all have a guardian angel who protect us from evil and inspire us to do good – so we must honour their presence. Devils often attack us through temptation, but there are three ways to combat this: (1) to pray humbly in the name of Jesus and Mary, (2) to frequent the Sacraments and use sacramentals, and (3) to look down on devils.
Publish date: 2019 - 5 - 4


Memorial of the Holy Guardian Angels

In today’s Gospel, Jesus is not speaking of just any Angels, but rather of Angels that are greater than others. But when He says, “The face of my Father,” He means nothing else than their fuller confidence, and their great honor. High dignity of souls, that each from its birth has an Angel set in […]
Publish date: 2013 - 10 - 2