Spiritual Talk – Fr. Ho talks about Fatima (11)

by Kenny Cheng

If children can be saints, all the more so can adults. After the Fatima apparitions, Lucia suffered greatly until her death in 2005. Francisco, her father, and then Jacinta died in quick succession, and she fell into severe depression and spent much time in the cemetery mourning them. Her bishop eventually decided to move her away from Fatima. In 1925, while living in a Dorothean convent, she received a vision of Mary and the Child Jesus. Mary said the offences of ungrateful sinners had caused her a lot of suffering and promised special grace at the hour of death to those who followed the Five First Saturdays devotion. On the first Saturday of five consecutive months, they would need to go to Confession, receive Holy Eucharist, and pray and meditate on the Rosary. Jesus revealed that these practices would repair the offences done to Mary. Of course, we can receive the Sacraments on days other than first Saturdays – the important thing is to do this for the reparation of sinners. The Opus Dei Prelature has a tradition of praying five decades of the Rosary daily and meditating on the remaining fifteen, for the reparation of offences to the Virgin Mary.

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