Spiritual Talk – Fr. Ho talks about Fatima (7)

by Kenny Cheng

The three Dos Santos children were upset at having missed the August 13th Fatima apparition, but Mary appeared to them on August 19th. Mary told them to return to the regular site of the apparitions on September 13th, exhorted them to continue praying the Rosary, and promised them a miracle in October. Mary looked sorrowful and said, “Pray continuously and sacrifice – many souls have entered Hell because there was no one to pray for them.” Remembering their vision of Hell, the children dedicated themselves to prayer and sacrifice. They gave food to poor children, fasted from food and water, bound tight ropes around their waists, and prayed the prayer taught by the angel. On September 13th, Mary told them that Jesus Himself would come in October, and that God was pleased by their sacrifices, but that they ought to wear the ropes only during the day, and not while sleeping. Prayer and sacrifice are two indispensable tools of the faith, and oftentimes, God saves souls through these invisible means. Even though it is sometimes impossible to contact all unbelievers in person, we can contact them spiritually through prayer and sacrifice, and bring them to accept God’s saving grace.

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