Spiritual Talk – Fr Ho talks about Marian apparition at La Salette, France

by Kenny Cheng

In 1846, Mary appeared at La Salette, France to a boy and a girl, who saw a weeping beautiful woman who said to them in French, “My children, come here, don’t be afraid.” She said that, unless people were obedient, her Son’s Divine Hand would have no alternative but to punish them. The locals would often curse with the Name of Jesus, even after God sent a potato crop failure to warn them. Now, a drought would come. Mary asked them, “Have you prayed well?” The children admitted they had not, so Mary told them to at least pray the Lord’s Prayer and a Hail Mary each day, but to pray more if time permitted. Mary complained that few people attended the Mass apart from old women, instead preferring to work in the summertime. And during Lent, they would continue to eat meat like ravenous dogs. She emphasized the importance of living out the first three Commandments – to worship God, to not take His Name in vain, and to keep the sabbath day – and also of making reparations for those who did not.

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