Spiritual Talk – Fr Ho talks about St. Faustina (11)

Date: 2018-05-05
Topics: People
Audio Segment Types: Spiritual Talk
Languages: Cantonese


Brief description:

During the last week of her life, Sr. Amelia took care of St. Faustina, and said, “I would like to go to Heaven a year from now just like you.” St. Faustina replied, “If I get the opportunity to, I will ask Jesus on your behalf.” Indeed, one year after St. Faustina’s death, Sr. Amelia passed away. At 10:45pm on October 5, 1938, after suffering greatly and offering up her sufferings to God, St. Faustina passed away. And when her body was displayed in an open casket, others noted that her face was so peaceful that she seemed more beautiful than in life. Her funeral occurred on October 7, but her family did not attend because, according to St. Faustina’s wishes, they were not notified in order to prevent them from spending precious money on the journey. But before the news of her death reached her family, her sister Natalia had already known – she had a vision in her room of a thin St. Faustina with a face as radiant white as the Eucharist, saying, “I am going to Heaven now, and have come to say goodbye. You must stay with God and mustn’t cry.” Natalia was speechless, and when St. Faustina left the room, she began to cry into her pillow, so St. Faustina returned and said, “I told you not to cry. Stop crying!” On April 30, 2000, the happiest day of his life, Pope St. John Paul II canonized St. Faustina and declared every Second Sunday of Easter from then on as Divine Mercy Sunday.