Spiritual Talk – Fr Ho talks about St. John Bosco (13)

by Kenny Cheng

After being forced by family conflicts to beg for work at the Moglia farm, St. John Bosco finally worked in peace. His good conduct won over the entire Moglia family and one day, he requested permission from Luigi Moglia to attend the earliest Sunday Mass. Luigi agreed, but was suspicious of the boy’s intentions, so he secretly followed him to church. Receiving the Eucharist was not commonplace at the time and the local church only offered the Eucharist at the earliest Mass, so when Luigi realized that John Bosco woke up early to receive the Eucharist, he was greatly impressed and gladly allowed him to go early to church thereafter. Every noon, church bells would ring to remind the faithful to stop work and pray the Angelus to honour Our Lady. But on a sweltering summer noon, the farmhands ignored the bells on their way to lunch. John Bosco, though, ignored the heat and dutifully knelt to pray at the foot of the door. John Bosco’s elderly foreman initially poked fun at the boy for this but was eventually moved by the boy’s example to honour Mary before meals.

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