Spiritual Talk – Fr Ho talks about St. John Bosco (48)

by Kenny Cheng

St. John Bosco rested for a few months at his hometown after falling ill from overwork at the Oratory. He was told only to return after a year to prevent a relapse into sickness. Eventually, he returned after agreeing to reduce his workload. But after seeing his fellow priests struggling with their work, he returned to his old workload. He rented a few rooms near the Oratory as a refuge to live with abandoned children and his mother, Margherita. He was initially hesitant to move his elderly mother, but she replied, “If you feel it is the will of God, I am willing.” While mother and son were moving in, their singing was overheard, and news of John Bosco’s return spread among the Oratory’s children, who were overjoyed. Although initially hesitant, Margherita also sold her land and dowry to fund the Oratory, joyfully offering them to God and the impoverished children.

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