Spiritual Talk – Fr. Ho talks about St. John Bosco (9)

by Kenny Cheng

When St. John Bosco was nine years old, he once dreamt he was playing in a pasture with other children. Hearing some children fighting, an angered John Bosco wanted to use blows to silence them. But a glowing man suddenly appeared, called him by name and said, “Do not hit the children, for you must teach them to hate sin and pursue virtue with love. You only need to learn humbly for what you call impossible to become possible.” John Bosco despaired, thinking a poor boy like him would never be able to learn. But the man told him, “My mother whom you greet thrice a day will teach you herself.” A beautiful woman then appeared and transformed the children into ferocious animals. She said, “This is the field of your labour. You must become humble and strong to fulfill your mission.” Mysteriously, the animals turned into gentle sheep. The young John Bosco did not understand a thing, so the woman said, “Do not worry – when the time comes, you will understand.” It was only many years later as an old priest that John Bosco realized the significance of the dream. Jesus and Mary had revealed to him his vocation: to rescue youths from sin and lead them to Christ Jesus.

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