Spiritual Talk – Fr Ho talks about the descent of the Holy Spirit

by Kenny Cheng

When the Holy Spirit descended on the Apostles forty days after the Resurrection, they were filled with understanding of the Gospel, love, and hope. Immediately, they headed outside and began proclaiming the Gospel to people of different languages. The Sacrament of Baptism is heavily related to the death and resurrection of Christ – it symbolizes death to sin, life in Christ. The Sacrament of Confirmation is heavily related to the descent of the Holy Spirit – the Holy Spirit dwells in the recipient and illuminates their reason and will to do good. To open our hearts is the best attitude we can have to honour the Holy Spirit. St. John Paul II especially honoured the Holy Spirit, in 1983 he beatified Sr. Mariam Baourdy, who was also devoted to the Holy Spirit and brought a message to Pope Pius IX that the priests and seminarians had neglected their devotion to the Holy Spirit.

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