Spiritual Talk – Fr. Ho talks about the three defining characteristics of Catholic Church

Date: 2019-07-20
Audio Segment Types: Spiritual Talk
Languages: Cantonese


Brief description:

The Catholic Church has three defining characteristics: authority, infallibility, and indefeasibility. Since she continues Christ’s mission as prophet, priest, and king, she inherits His authority to preach, serve the Sacraments, and set moral laws. Just as countries have the authority to set secular laws to maintain the peace and enforce them with police, the Church sets spiritual laws for the salvation of souls and enforces them with the force of personal conscience. The Church has different kinds of laws: canon law is promulgated by the Pope himself, while diocesan law by the local bishop. The Church’s infallibility does not mean the Pope cannot err in all things, but that his teaching on faith and morals will always be correct. Throughout history, countries and ideologies have risen and fallen, but Jesus promised that the demonic powers would never defeat the Church – she alone will endure until the end of time. In her first century, the Church suffered external persecutions, then she suffered internal heresies, but she has always endured through the help of saints who encouraged people to stay close to God.