【Spiritual Talk】 Fr. Ho talks about the worship of God

by Kenny Cheng

Superstition is a sin against the worship of God. Because our spiritual marriage to Him is exclusive, it is wrong to worship false gods and attribute God’s power to created things. In the Old Testament, the Israelites were like an unfaithful woman, and worshipped foreign gods through the influence of neighbouring nations. Sacrilege is another sin against the worship of God, whereby one does not respect holy things. We must ensure that our sins are free of mortal sin before we receive the Eucharist, or else go to Confession first. We also ought not to trade in holy things, unless their price is set on other factors, such as their historical or material value. Catholics do not worship Mary, the saints, or the angels, but ask for their intercession before God on our behalf – this can be seen in the Mass liturgy, when sacrifice is offered to God alone. God gives us worldly blessings through other people, like our parents and teachers; He gives us spiritual blessings through our heavenly siblings so that we might experience membership in the heavenly family. To worship the saints and angels is a grave sin. And to pray before a holy statue or card is to pray to the person depicted, not to the statue or card itself. We ought to worship God through public liturgy and private prayer.

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