Spiritual Talk – Fr. Ho talks about Fatima (6)

by Kenny Cheng

After the children were revealed the first two Fatima secrets, an ambitious local official was convinced the hidden third secret concerned him, so on August 13, on the pretext of giving them a ride to the site of the apparitions, he kidnapped them. He brought them to a prison and threatened to boil them alive unless they revealed the third secret. Jacinta began to cry, but Francisco began praying in reparation for sinners. Jacinta hung her religious medal on the wall and the three children began to recite the Rosary. The prisoners also tried to console the children: one of them danced with Jacinta, who loved to dance. Although the children were freed, they endured a martyrdom of sorts, refusing to divulge the third secret on pain of death. Thus, they missed the August Fatima apparition, although some people saw a blue cloud column appear thrice that day. They were very upset, and thought that Mary would not appear to them again.

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