Globe Tour – Israel

by Vince Liu

Mak went to Israel on a pilgrimage led by Fr. Lionel Wu. The group visited many places.  At first, he did not listen to the Father, and bought many souvenirs and took many pictures. One night at their hotel, loud explosions were heard in the distance. Mak was too scared to sleep and began pondering: if God took my life away tonight, I would lose all my photos and souvenirs. She abstained from photos and souvenirs the next day, and was finally able to pause and reflect. The pilgrimage also made Scripture alive for Mak: she had a special experience while hearing the Parable of the Sower on the Mount of the Beatitudes and walking on the very soil on which Jesus once walked two thousand years ago. The pilgrimage changed Mak’s life, but more importantly, she was able to bring that fire of faith back to her home and her workplace.


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