Walking with God – Jenny Wong (2)

by Kenny Cheng

Jenny feels that whenever she makes other people happy, she will be happy too. She likes to go to pilgrimage, the first time was to Rome when Pope canonized hundreds of Chinese. Then she went to Medjugorje 7 times. The first time she went to Medjugorje, she went to the Church of Infant Jesus of Prague in Czech also. She had been distributing the holy picture of Infant Jesus for so many years, she feels that this is her calling for evangelization. When she came back from her first pilgrimage to Medjugorje, she found that she had colon cancer,she immediately prayed to Infant Jesus continuously for 9 hours, the Carmelite sisters also prayed for her. She needed to have surgery immediately, then chemotherapy. With the help of Jesus and our Lady, she recovered very well. Now she is even healthier than before. After going through so many things, she never asks for why anymore, just pray day and night, which will strengthen our faith.


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