Spiritual Talk – 5th Sunday of Lent

Sunday Homily

This Sunday is the 5th Sunday of Lent (Year B) and Fr. Anthony Ho explains to us Jesus’ analogy of the seed to prophesy His death and resurrection in the Gospel of John. He expounds on the meaning of sacrifice and the important role of Martyrs in the Church. He also talks about the Feast of the Annunciation and reminds us to always seek out and obey the will of God.

Other Sunday Reflections


何庭耀(聖名:安多尼Anthony)神父,二零零六年五月三十日在溫哥華聖安多尼堂St. Anthony’s Parish晉鐸,隸屬溫哥華總教區Archdiocese of Vancouver。何神父在一九七六年出生於香港,曾就讀慈幼會會士Salesians開辦的中學。因受慈幼會神父的薰陶,聖召初萌心中。 一九九三年從香港移民到溫哥華,課餘教授要理,組織及帶領祈禱會。一九九八年在卑詩理工學院BCIT取得電腦課程文憑後,棄俗進入基督君王修院。二零零六年晉鐸,目前任卑詩省素里市的寶血堂區的主任司鐸。