Pope Francis: Looking at profits alone is against God’s will

by FLL Editorial Team

Photo courtesy of CBC

Photo courtesy of CBC

教宗方濟各在週三接見信眾時說工作是尊嚴的基礎: 「它給人一個特別的尊嚴,個人的尊嚴。」

他特別提及那些找不到工作的人,以及那些被剝削的工人: 「只看會計賬目而不給予合理薪酬或不聘請員工,只為盈利,這是違反天主旨意的!」

教宗提到上週孟加拉成衣廠倒塌事件。那些工人工資只得50元月薪。在該倒塌事件中,超過四百名工人遇害。他十分憤怒: 「這就是那些死去的人所得的工資! 這簡直是奴役勞工!」


On Wednesday, addressing pilgrims during general audience, Pope Francis said that work is fundamental for dignity – it gives man "a special dignity, a personal dignity" and men and women who work "are dignified."

He noted many who want to work and cannot, and those who work but are exploited. "Not paying fairly, not giving a job because you are only looking at balance sheets, only looking at how to make a profit – that goes against God!," he said.

Pope Francis referred to the collapse last week of a building in Bangladesh which housed garment factories, killing over 400 employees. He expressed anger at their salary of $50 a month. "This was the payment of these people who have died," the Pope said. "This is called 'slave labor!'"

"How many brothers and sisters throughout the world are in this situation because of these, economic, social, political attitudes," he said, and lamented how people have become subordinate to the profit they can offer to those in power and authority.

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Pope Condemns Exploitation of Labor, Lack of Work