On that special day . . .

by May Tam
Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

WISDOM 1:13-15; 2:23-24

2 CORINTHIANS 8:7, 9, 13-15

MARK 5:21-43

We never forget that day when we, who did not know each other before, crossed path with one another. . .

I am Jairus, the official of the synagogue. I am desperate and heart-broken. My precious daughter is ill for some time and despite my wealth and position, I cannot find a doctor that can cure her, and now she is dying. In my hopelessness, I hear that Jesus of Nazareth is at this side of the town. I have heard about Him. I know Peter and his mother-in-law. Previously, she was very sick but people said He healed her simply by a touch (rf Mk 1:30-31). I also hear that He cured the leper (rf Mk 1:40), the paralytic man (rf Mk 2:11) and the man with a withered hand (rf Mk 3:5). Just recently, I heard about the commotion in the Gerasene territory where He expelled the unclean spirit from the infamous demoniac and two thousand swines were drowned (Mk 5:8-13). I must take action now. I do not care what the big crowd would think; even if they mock me. I am determined to meet Him and I will kneel before Him. I know He can cure my daughter just by a touch. He is my only hope and I believe in Him.

I am the woman with a hemorrhage. I have suffered for twelve years and undergone every sort of treatment. People know about it and I have been ostracized. Now with my affliction getting worse, I have exhausted my savings, too. I hear about Jesus of Nazareth, the great miracle worker. He is now in town and I see Him going off with the official of the synagogue. I must hurry and waste not this opportunity but how can I, a poor wretched woman in the midst of such a large crowd, present myself before Him? I know, I will come close enough to Him and touch His cloak. I am sure I will get well just by doing that. I understand that the Law forbids me to touch anyone lest I make them unclean (rf Lev 15:19), but desperate time calls for desperate measure. I must give it a last try, hopefully with this large crowd pressing on Him, He will not notice.

There we were on that special day, blessed enough to be able to meet Jesus and both of us were granted what we hoped for. What have we learned besides being thankful and feeling fortunate? We both agree that we have learned the importance of faith and humility. Faith gives us courage to hope against hope as our Father Abraham did (rf Rm 4:18) and humility makes us realize the limitation of human capability. As you see, we have tried every human means before we come to Jesus and finally acknowledge that only God is omnipotent. We are surely lucky indeed; but we are not complacent for we believe that our stories are meant to elicit understanding from you. Do not wait until the last moment to ask for miracles; for not everyone is given such chance like us. Rather, always trust God and go to Him first, be faithful, be humble and He will bless you.

We never forget that day when we, who did not know each other before, crossed path with one another. . . not only that, our stories are now known everywhere whenever the bible is read. What a bonus, thanks be to God!