Looking forward to Pentecost

by FLL Editorial Team

若望福音 14:23-29

在這主日的福音中,耶穌提醒門徒愛祂不能空談,愛祂的具體行動,就是要遵守耶穌的話──就算在我們受到迫害的時候,我們依然用耶穌的方法去面對。耶穌叫門徒不要為將要發生的事苦惱: 「你們心裡不要煩亂,也不要膽怯。」 耶穌也讓他們知道將會有「那護慰者,就是父因我的名,所要派遣來的聖神」來協助他們。


John 14:23-29

In this Sunday's gospel, Jesus reminds His disciples that loving Him means keeping His words, even in the face of persecution, we still need to deal with the situations with Jesus' ways. He asked His disciples not to worry about what is going to happen: "Do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid." He also let them know that there will be "the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name" will help them

Two weeks from today, we will celebrate Pentecost Sunday. Let us prepare ourselves and look forward to being transformed by the Holy Spirit. He will grant us power to face what is to come.