Mary Help of Christians

by FLL Editorial Team

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聖母進教之佑 特別為中國教會祈禱 - 若望福音 2:1-11



Blessed Virgin Mary, Help of Christians - World Day of Prayer for China - John 2:1-11

The miracle at Cana is quite different from the other miracles that Jesus performed. Jesus had healed many people. He restored the vision of the blind. If He chose not to perform these miracles, many people would have to continue with their suffering. Not having enough wine in a wedding would be embarrassing, but even without Jesus' intervention, the consequences would not be as bad. After Mary told Jesus that there was not enough wine, even though Jesus did not intend to perform any miracle, He changed His mind because of His mother's words.

Mother Mary is so attentive to her children's needs. She intercedes for us always. Let us learn from her. We should simply tell God our needs, and let Him decide the best time and the best way for Him to respond to our prayers. Mary Help of Christians, pray for us.