“Pursuit of Love music” CD – There is no one but You (Lord)

by FLL Editorial Team



There is no one but You (Lord)

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Music, Lyrics & Arrangement by James Ng
Performed by Susan Wright
© 2013 James Ng and Photon Distribution. All rights reserved.

試聽 Sample

There are those who’d never capture
the essence of life along it’s winding road.
We are fortunate to be blessed
with sensitivity in our heart and soul.

Many people live in bitter misery,
agonizing over recognizing their true identity.
People are meant to love and be loved,
one can never exist without the other.

We have a love that’s few and precious.
There is no one and no one but You,
can love me the way that You do.
We have love in our hearts we take joy in sharing.

Through the good and the bad times of life
our love will stay, never fade never wilt.
From this very moment on.

Now I know He is our Lord!

Photo album of the EV13 musical "Pursuit of Love"