“Pursuit of Love music” CD – Who is He

by FLL Editorial Team



Who is He

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Music, Lyrics & Arrangement by James Ng
Performed by James Ng
© 2013 James Ng and Photon Distribution. All rights reserved.

試聽 Sample

This man who we have met not long ago.
He seems to see the conflict in my soul.
We came a long way to be here and
believed this was our destiny.
Would I know?

Who is He?
This man has walked for miles and miles with me.
He’s listened to my doubt and agony.
He comforts me with words of hope.
And tells me things I should have learned years ago.

That in Dying He fulfilled his prophecy.
In suffering He proclaimed his victory.
Our hearts were slow and too distraught
to see the journey of the Lord.
He rose from the dead and brought us hope.
And He will lead us to his way.

Who is He? Who is He?
Could He be our Lord?
He broke the bread and blessed the wine.
O how could I have been so blind.
Who is He? Who is He?
Now I know He is our Lord!

Photo album of the EV13 musical "Pursuit of Love"