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“Pursuit of Love music” CD – He is here



He is here

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Music, Lyrics & Arrangement by James Ng
Performed by James Ng
© 2013 James Ng and Photon Distribution. All rights reserved.

試聽 Sample

Lost in the darkness, you have been searching.
Searching for love, searching for truth.
Looking for answers, longing to find,
someone who you can trust.
Someone to lead the way.

He was a prophet and a teacher.
He spoke with the wisdom of the Lord.
And those around Him seemed filled with content,
beaming with hope and faith.
But then He died, He was nailed to the cross.
His blood, and the pain.

In your shame and sorrow, you have forgotten,
what you have learned, from scriptures and scrolls.
For He is the savior, He is the Lord.
He has come to face His death.
He has come to be sacrificed.

Through His death you are redeemed.
Through His return you will live.
And when the angel of death is upon you,
you’ll be saved by His blood.
And even though He died on the cross,
He has conquered death.
Now He has returned,
and He will lead you to the pathway to salvation.
Now you are saved and you are freed from your sins
for He has paid the price.

Yes you will find Him, and you will see Him.
Just open your eyes. And you will see.
He’s here for you. Yes, He is here. For you……

Photo album of the EV13 musical "Pursuit of Love"

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