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Ways to evangelize using FLL Radio programs

FLL Spotlight 2012-Winter-24

1. 告訴你的朋友和家人「愛的恩泉」的廣播時間
Tell your friends and families the Airtime of the FLL Radio Program.

2. 把「愛的恩泉」的環節鏈接,通過電子郵件轉發給你的朋友和家人。
Forward FLL Radio clip link through email to your friends and families.

3. 在你的 Facebook 頁面分享「愛的恩泉」的環節鏈接,並按 Like,讓你所有的朋友也能收聽你張貼的環節鏈接。
Share FLL Radio clip link on your Facebook page, and “Like” the radio clip on your Facebook, so all your friends will be able to see the posting of the radio clip link.

4. 訂閱「愛的恩泉」的 RSS 網路摘要,並鼓勵其他人訂閱,包括使用智能手機的人。
Subscribe to the FLL Radio RSS Feed, and encourage others to subscribe to the Feed, including the smart phone users.

5. 用 Twitter 追隨「生命恩泉」的最新動態,接收並發佈「愛的恩泉」的環節鏈接上你的 Twitter。
Follow FLL on Twitter. Receive and post FLL Radio clip link on your Twitter.

6. 用電郵轉發一個特別電台環節,例如轉發一個「愛的恩泉」的故事給某一個朋友,與他分享一個振奮人心的訊息,或一個你認為有利於該人的特別話題。
Forward a specific radio segment, e.g. a story from the FLL Radio program, to a specific friend, and share with him an inspiring message or a specific topic you think will benefit that person.

7. 選用一個「愛的恩泉」的電台節目,用它的內容作為靈修聚會的主題。
Use the contents of a specific FLL Radio program as topics for spiritual gatherings.

8. 安排靈修聚會在「愛的恩泉」的播放時間內舉行,讓大家一起收聽,然後分享感受。
Schedule a spiritual gathering at the time FLL Radio is on air, so everyone can listen to the program together and share on the topics afterwards.

9. 把「愛的恩泉」電話熱線告訴你的朋友,並叫他們就節目內容或有關信仰事宜打這個熱線電話。
Tell your friends about the FLL Radio hotline, and ask people to call the hotline on specific topic in FLL Radio programs or any faith related matters.

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