Papal Visit to Canada – On the Way to True Reconciliation

by Rosa Tse

Pope Francis made a pastoral visit to Canada from July 24 to 29, 2022 in order to address the participation of the Catholic Church in the operation of residential schools throughout Canada. He described this trip as a “penitential pilgrimage”. The FLL filming crew interviewed a Jesuit priest who has served indigenous people for many years, as well as two indigenous religious sisters. They were part of the delegation of the Jesuits that followed the Pope’s pastoral visit for several stops. Besides sharing their thoughts and feelings about this trip, the two sisters also share the discrimination and injustices experienced their people, as well as the social issues resulted from the attack on the indigenous identity. Through this “penitential pilgrimage”, what difference did Pope Francis make in facilitating the reconciliation between the Church and the indigenous people?

Since 2021, the government of Canada designates September 30 as the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. The day honours the children who never returned home and Survivors of residential schools, as well as their families and communities. On this upcoming National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, FLL would premiere our special program, Papal Visit to Canada: On the Way to True Reconciliation, on YouTube. The program would also be shown on Fairchild Television in Canada on October 1 and 2.

Online Premiere:

The preview video featured on this page would be changed to the actual program on the premiere date.

Date & Time: September 30 (Fri) 9:00 pm (Eastern Time)
September 30 (Fri) 6:00 pm (Pacific Time)
October 1 (Sat) 9:00 am (Hong Kong)

On Television:

Fairchild 2 (HD) Fairchild 1
October 1 (Sat)
7:30 pm (Eastern Time)
4:30 pm (Pacific Time)
October 2 (Sun)
4:35 pm (Eastern Time & Pacific Time)


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