Depend on Jesus

by FLL Editorial Team

若望福音 15:1-8




John 15:1-8

In today's gospel, Jesus said: "Just as a branch cannot bear fruit on its own unless it remains on the vine, so neither can you unless you remain in me." Our culture encourages individualism. We are trained to become independent in many aspects of our lives. The fact is, no matter how independent we are, unless we maintain a close relationship with Jesus, there is nothing we can do. Some would think to depend on others implies incompetence, then let us rely on Jesus the Son of God. He would like to have us depend on Him.

May 1 is the feast of St. Joseph the Worker. It was established by Pope Pius XII in 1955 in order to Christianize the concept of labor and give to all workmen a model and a protector. (May 1 is also the International Workers' Day.) St. Joseph provides for himself and his family through his labour. Our Lord Jesus learned the craft of carpentry from him. He is indeed a great patron for workers. On this day, let us also pray for the dock workers in Hong Kong that they might get a reasonable compensation.

May 1 is also the feast of St. Peregrine. He is the patron for patients of cancer or incurable diseases. On his feast day, let us pray for those who suffer from cancer.