Pope Francis: All of Christian life is the work of Jesus, the Holy Spirit to prepare a place

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教宗方濟各於週五為梵蒂岡幾個部門的職員主持彌撒,他在講道中說:「耶穌叫門徒『心裏不要煩亂;你們要信賴天主,也要信賴我』,然後祂開始說起天堂。...像一位工程師、建築師一樣,祂告訴他們祂將要做的事: 『我要給你們在我父的家裡預備地方』」

「那地方會是什麼樣子? 『預備地方』又是什麼意思呢? 是要去租一個房間嗎? 『預備地方』的意思是預備我們去看、去感受、去理解我們將要接觸到的美善。」

「整個基督徒生活就是耶穌和聖神在預備地方,預備我們的眼睛讓我們看得見。...『但父啊,我看得見!我不需要戴眼鏡!』 但那是另一種視覺... 想像一下那些有白內障的人,在動完手術以後;他們仍看得見,但手術過後他們全都這樣說:『我從沒有想過可以不戴眼鏡而看得這麼清楚!』我們靈魂的眼睛需要準備,去凝視耶穌完美的臉。我們的聽覺要準備去聽美麗的事物,美麗的語言。最重要的是我們的心,要準備去愛,愛得更多。」


On Friday, Pope Francis celebrated mass for the staff of Vatican Typography, the Vatican Labor Office and Vatican State Police. In the homily, he said: "Jesus said to his disciples: "Do not let your hearts be troubled. Have faith in God, in me". And what does he start to talk about? About Heaven, about the definitive homeland. ...
Like an engineer, like an architect He tells them what He will do: 'I am going to prepare a place, in my Father's house is my dwelling'. And Jesus goes to prepare a place for us."

"What is that place like? What does 'prepare a place' mean? Does it mean renting a room up there? ‘Prepare a place', means preparing our ability to enjoy the chance - our chance - to see, to feel, to understand the beauty of what lies ahead, of that homeland towards which we walk "

"And all of Christian life is the work of Jesus, the Holy Spirit to prepare a place, prepare our eyes to be able to see ... 'But, Father, I see fine! I don't need glasses! ': But that's another type of vision .... Think of those who are suffering from cataracts and have to undergo an operation to remove them: they can still see, but after surgery what do they all say? 'I never thought you could see so well without glasses!'. Our eyes, the eyes of our soul they need, they have to be prepared to contemplate the beautiful face of Jesus. Our hearing must be prepared in order to hear the beautiful things, the beautiful words. Above all our hearts must be prepared: prepared for love, to love more."

"In our life's journey, the Lord prepares our hearts with trials, with consolations, with tribulations, with good things."

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Pope: Preparing for the heavenly homeland