Pope Francis: The Church’s journey always takes place between the Cross and the Resurrection

by FLL Editorial Team

教宗方濟各於週二(4月23日)與一些樞機主持彌撒,當天亦是教宗主保聖人聖喬治的瞻禮。他在講道中說:「聖經說: 『信而歸主的人,數目很多。』當巴爾納伯看到那麼多人,他感受到喜悅。『他一來到,看見天主所賜的恩惠就很喜歡』。他的喜樂是福傳者的喜樂。這喜樂由迫害開始,由極大的憂愁開始,而在喜樂中完結。教會就是這樣向前,如一位聖人所說,我這刻想不起是那一位:『在世界的迫害和天主的慰藉中』,這就是教會的生命。若我們想向世俗進發,與世界作一點妥協,如瑪加伯般受誘惑,我們便無法得到天主的慰藉。而如果我們只尋求不來自天主的慰藉,這只是很表面的慰藉,人性的慰藉。教會的旅程總是徘徊在十字架和復活之間,總是在迫害和天主的慰藉中。這就是當走的道路,走這路的人走得沒錯。」

Pope Francis celebrated mass with some cardinals on Tuesday (April 23), which is the feast of St. George, Pope Francis' patron saint. He said in the homily: 'The text says: " And a large number of people was added to the Lord" - when he saw those crowds, he experienced joy. " When he arrived and saw the grace of God, he rejoiced ": his is the joy of the evangelizer. It was, as Paul VI said, "the sweet and comforting joy of evangelizing." And this joy begins with a persecution, with great sadness, and ends with joy. And so the Church goes forward, as one Saint says - I do not remember which one, here - "amid the persecutions of the world and the consolations of the Lord." And thus is the life of the Church. If we want to travel a little along the road of worldliness, negotiating with the world - as did the Maccabees, who were tempted, at that time - we will never have the consolation of the Lord. And if we seek only consolation, it will be a superficial consolation, not that of the Lord: a human consolation. The Church's journey always takes place between the Cross and the Resurrection, amid the persecutions and the consolations of the Lord. And this is the path: those who go down this road are not mistaken.

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Pope: Mass on Feast of St. George [full text]