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Pope Francis: The beatitudes reveal the path from selfishness to holiness

(CNA) The eight beatitudes proclaimed by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount reveal the path from selfishness to holiness, Pope Francis said at his general audience Wednesday.
Publish date: 2020 - 4 - 29

Pope Francis: The Holy Spirit revives in each of us the call to be courageous and joyful evangelizers

(CNA) While often persecuted and misunderstood, the Church never tires of announcing the love of God made present in Jesus Christ, Pope Francis said Wednesday.
Publish date: 2020 - 1 - 15

Pope Francis: Martyrdom is the air of the life of a Christian

(CNA) Pope Francis said Wednesday that persecution has always been a part of the Church’s life, and that the witness of martyrdom is a blessing for all Christians.
Publish date: 2019 - 12 - 11

Pope Francis: Christians are called to open spaces for salvation

(CNA/EWTN News) True Christians are not sad or gloomy, but have the specific task of being bearers of hope, Pope Francis said Wednesday – and not only with their words, but with actions as simple as a smile or an act of charity.
Publish date: 2017 - 10 - 4

Pope Francis: Gospel is the only strength for Christians

(CNA/EWTN News) On Wednesday Pope Francis said that following Christ means taking a path contrary to that of the world, and being prepared to suffer because of this; though we have hope because of God’s constant presence.
Publish date: 2017 - 6 - 29

Pope Francis: Abandon every reason for personal pride, be humble instruments of salvation

(CNA/EWTN News) On Sunday, Pope Francis remembered the victims of attacks in Iraq and Bangladesh over the weekend, and prayed for the conversion of persons “blinded by hate” who commit such acts of violence. “I express my closeness to the families of the victims and the wounded in yesterday's attack in Dhaka, and also of that which took place in Baghdad,” the Pope said during his weekly post-Angelus in St. Peter's Square.
Publish date: 2016 - 7 - 4

Pope Francis: A Church or a Christian who does not give witness is like a dead person who thinks they are alive

(CNA/EWTN News) During his Mass for the feast of Saints Peter and Paul on June 29, Pope Francis called on the Church's new archbishops to be courageous witnesses who are not ashamed of Christ, and who are convinced by what they themselves teach.
Publish date: 2015 - 7 - 3

Pope Francis: Christians are called to imitate the patience of God

(CNA/EWTN News) In his weekly Sunday Angelus address on July 20, Pope Francis mourned the fleeing of the last Christians from the Iraqi city of Mosul, who were told by ISIS forces last week to either convert, pay the Jizya tax or leave. “They are persecuted; our brothers are persecuted, they are driven out, they […]
Publish date: 2014 - 7 - 24

To risk or not to risk

Second Sunday of Lent Lenten season serves as an invitation to us to change. But changes are not always welcome in our comfortable lives. The greatest risk in our faith journey is to not take any risks, and to be too comfortable with the status quo. Yet, only under one condition should these risks be […]
Publish date: 2014 - 3 - 16

Endure the Coming Persecution

讓我們看看門徒們當時的情況:所有人都遭受懷疑;家人親友因信仰的分歧而決裂、對立;外教的兒子出賣信主的父母、不信主的父親指證信主的親兒;無論任何年齡和性別的人,也不能倖免於信仰上的迫害。 能在這逆境中持有耐心和堅定意志的人,將因此克服內在和外在的一切苦難,把思言行為建基於天主的帶領和教導,過著美善的生活。正如耶穌說:「你們要憑著堅忍,保全你們的靈魂。」 透過耐心忍耐,我們能保全我們的靈魂,因為當我們能完全掌管自己,才開始活出真正的自我。因此靈魂的保全是奠定在這耐心忍耐的美德上;這是一切美德的根源和守護者。能耐心冷靜地忍受由別人造成的罪惡,並且不惱恨那些人,正是走向成聖的道路。 (本文以英文為準) Let us consider the state of things at that time. While all men were suspected, family members were divided against one another, each differing from the other in religion; the gentile son became the betrayer of his believing parents, and of the believing son the unbelieving father became the determined accuser; […]
Publish date: 2013 - 11 - 27

Know Our Mission

在今天的福音中,有些法利塞人叫耶穌離開加里肋亞,因為黑落德要殺害祂。耶穌不但沒有因法利塞人的恐嚇而改變祂的行程,更加預言他們的聖殿將要被毀滅。那是當時的人無法想像的。 面對威嚇,耶穌沒有退縮,祂很明白自己來到世上要達成的任務,亦清楚自己要死在耶路撒冷,在未到耶路撒冷以前,祂要受難的時刻還未來到。 耶穌為我們示範了面對威脅時應有的態度,要做到絲毫無懼很困難,但藉著祈禱,我們相信主耶穌會給予足夠恩寵和力量,使我們背得起十字架。主,教我們在磨難中更靠近祢。 In today’s Gospel, some Pharisees asked Jesus to leave Galilee, because Herod (Antipas) wanted to kill Him. Jesus did not change His plan due to threat, instead He foretold the destruction of Jerusalem, which seemed impossible to the people of His time. In the face of intimidation, Jesus did not retreat. He […]
Publish date: 2013 - 10 - 31

The Parable of the Mustard Seed

While His adversaries were ashamed, and the people rejoiced at the glorious things that were done by Christ, Jesus proceeds to explain the progress of the Gospel under certain comparisons, as it follows, “What is the Kingdom of God like? To what can I compare it? It is like a mustard seed, etc.” In Luke […]
Publish date: 2013 - 10 - 29

The Blood of the Prophets

在今天的福音中,耶穌繼續指責法利塞人和法學士的偽善。耶穌指出法利塞人的祖先迫害甚至殺害天主派遣的先知及使者。從表面看,法利塞人修建先知墳墓的表現,反映出他們與祖先不同,他們這樣做是補償祖先的罪過。耶穌卻對他們說:「可見你們證明,並贊成你們祖先所行的事。」耶穌說這話的意思是法利塞人其實正在重蹈祖先的覆轍而不自知——他們不接受耶穌這位天主子,更處處迫害祂,要從祂口中找到錯處。 耶穌之後對法學士說:「你們拿走了智識的鑰匙,自己不進去,那願意進去的,你們也加以阻止。」祂是指法學士把法律詮譯成一般人無法理解的條文,而更壞的是他們自己也不遵守法律。我們也該自問有否把福音的訊息切實的活出來?別人從我們身上看到的福音,是否跟耶穌所宣講的一致?否則,我們反而成了福傳的障礙。 這篇默想由生命恩泉文摘編輯小組撰寫,內容以下列文章為根據: Commentary on Luke 11:47-54, 迫害先知 In today’s Gospel, Jesus continued with His rebuke for the Pharisaic mentality. Jesus pointed out that the ancestors of the Pharisees persecuted and killed the prophets sent by God. When the Pharisees built memorials of the prophets, it might seem like an act of atonement. But Jesus […]
Publish date: 2013 - 10 - 17

Who will go into the harvest field?

我們在上星期讀到耶穌派遣了十二宗徒出外宣講福音。在今天的福音中,我們看到耶穌更多派另外七十二人出外。 耶穌說:「莊稼多而工人少,所以你們應當求莊稼的主人,派遣工人來,收割他的莊稼。」我們常在推廣聖召的單張看到這句說話,這當然十分貼切,但收割莊稼的任務,並不局限在神父、修女身上,所有基督徒都該加入成為當中的一份子。只要有心回應這召叫,永不會太遲。 為願意出外宣講的人,耶穌也事先提醒他們這絕不容易:「看,我派遣你們猶如羔羊往狼群中。」我們宣揚的訊息縱使是真理、愛和公義,卻不是人人都願意接受的。人們可能把我們的訊息扭曲。我們甚至會被視為威脅而遭受迫害。 耶穌曾說過「狐狸有穴,天上的飛鳥有巢;但是人子卻沒有枕頭的地方。」(路加福音 9:58) 祂也吩咐出外傳福音的人不要帶些什麼,以免所擁有的最終成為束縛,妨礙福傳的任務。你願意放下不必要的身外物,接受耶穌的派遣出外宣講福音嗎? We read from the Gospel last week that Jesus sent the twelve apostles to preach the Good News. In today’s Gospel, we read that Jesus sent another seventy-two people on their mission. Jesus said: “The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few; so ask the master of the […]
Publish date: 2013 - 10 - 2

Love of Enemies

Having proceeded in the enumeration of many heavenly actions, Jesus wisely comes to this place last, that He might teach the people confirmed by the divine miracles to march onward in the footsteps of virtue beyond the path of the law. Lastly, among the three greatest, (hope, faith, and charity,) the greatest is charity, which […]
Publish date: 2013 - 9 - 12

Can you drink my cup?

瑪竇福音 20:20-28 在俗世社會中,人總希望往上爬,爭取更高的地位、更大的權力,也渴望享受隨之而來的名利、榮耀,成為被人服侍的一位;作為基督徒,也難免受到這種誘惑。 當雅各伯和若望的母親來向耶穌請求時,他們明顯並不明白耶穌之前所預告的,祂將要接受苦難的事實,滿腦子想著如何在這個猶太人的君王身邊得到較高的位置。另外十個門徒聽見後感到惱怒,大概因為他們也有同樣的想法。 我們也要問自己,為天主、為教會服務,動機是甚麼?真的是出於愛主愛人的奉獻,還是別有目的? 耶穌教導我們,跟隨祂,必須放棄這些屬於俗世的渴望,空虛自己,作近人的僕役,以愛彼此服侍,而不是期待別人為自己服務,也不要為得到甚麼;我們的賞報,天父自有決定。 另外,作為祂的門徒,必須要有心理準備在現世面對種種困難、批評,甚至會受到迫害,因為耶穌說過:沒有僕人大過主人的。雅各伯和若望說他們能飲耶穌的爵,其實並未明白耶穌的意思,所以當耶穌被捕後,他們都四散而逃。 因此,我們不要著眼於得失,但要好好裝備自己,免得受考驗時跌倒。如宗徒鼓勵我們:「親愛的,你們不要因為在你們中,有試探你們的烈火而驚異,好像遭遇了一件新奇的事;反而要喜歡,因為分受了基督的苦難,這樣好使你們在他光榮顯現的時候,也能歡喜踴躍。如果你們為了基督的名字,受人辱罵,便是有福的,因為光榮的神,即天主的神,就安息在你們身上。」– 伯多祿前書 4:12-14 「今世唯有以信德而生活,在考驗之夜,去侍奉天主;是多麼甘美之事!」— 聖女小德蘭 Matthew 20:20-28 It seems desirable for a lot of people to aim for higher social status, to a position where one has more power, fame and money, and to be a person that is being served rather than the one that is serving. […]
Publish date: 2013 - 7 - 25

Courage under Persecution

Matthew 10:24-33 Because it should come to pass that His disciples among their other persecutions should suffer loss of character, which to many is the most grievous of all calamities, Jesus consoles them from His own example, and those things that were spoken of Him; a comfort to which no other can be compared. Therefore […]
Publish date: 2013 - 7 - 13

Clever as snakes and innocent as doves

瑪竇福音 10:16-23 在今天的福音中,耶穌告訴我們,福傳者被派遣出外去傳揚福音,就像羊群被放在狼群中一樣。由於我們放棄採取暴力,我們完全沒有自衛的能力。在外面有狼想消滅我們,我們所宣揚愛、公義與和平的訊息被他們視為威脅。耶穌告誡我們要像蛇一樣機警,但卻要像鴿子般純樸。當面對世界的一切,我們要運用創意;但要保持一份純真,不是幼稚,但別因為要達到好的目的而做任何惡事。 自古以來,直至現在也是,很多追隨基督的人都因為這個身份而要面對審判、恐嚇或折磨。這是我們為基督和福音作見證的機會。當我們被「交出」時,耶穌叫我們不要憂慮該說什麼,我們可從宗徒大事錄中多次見到,當門徒被捕和盤問時,他們不用想該說些什麼,但他們完全沒有恐懼。 耶穌在這篇福音最後的話令人傷感,但祂所說的都是真的。跟隨耶穌可以令家庭分裂。我們自領洗的一刻就加入了一個新的家庭,有新的義務。我們承諾天主去愛,去追隨真理和公義。如果我們的父親叫我們違背福音的話,我不能聽從他;如果我的兄弟要我跟罪惡同流合污,我不能聽從他。要作這些選擇並不容易,但不選擇基督的後果只有更壞。 耶穌說:「幾時人們在這城迫害你們,你們就逃往另一城去」。祂從來沒叫我們要令自己受迫害,但若我們沒法到別處去,這就是我們不作妥協,為福音作見證的時候。 Matthew 10:16-23 In today’s gospel passage, Jesus told us that those who are sent to spread the Good News are like sheep being placed in the midst of wolves. We are in a way defenceless because we renounce any use of violence. There are wolves out there eager to destroy […]
Publish date: 2013 - 7 - 11

Memorial of St. Augustine Zhao Rong, Priest, and Companions

今天,教會紀念中華諸聖和真福。讓我們重溫真福若望保祿二世於2000年10月1日宣佈一百二十位中華殉道先列為教會聖人的講道: 「上主的規誡能悅樂心情!」聖詠上的這句話正好說明奧斯定趙榮和他在中國殉道的一百一十九位同伴的經歷。在流傳下來的見證中,我們可以看到他們當時的心境,他們內心平安,充滿喜樂。 今天教會感謝天主,祂以這些中華兒女的聖德光輝祝福及照耀教會。大禧年不正是光榮他們傑出見證的適當時刻嗎?那十四歲的王亞納不怕逼她背教者威脅,伸著頭頸,容貌煥發地喊道:「天堂的門為大家打開了!」那十八歲的郗柱子,已被砍去了右手,正在繼續被斬時,毫無畏懼地呼喊:「每一塊肉,每一滴血,都告訴你們,我是教友。」 八十五位不同年紀、身份的中國男女,包括:神父、修道人和教友,他們也為同樣的信念和喜悅作了證,他們以獻出生命來肯定自己對基督和對教會永恆不變的忠貞。這些事蹟發生在幾個世紀之間和中國歷史上一個複習和艱困時代。現在舉行的禮儀不是為那些歷史階段作評斷的適當時刻,這樣的評斷可以、也應該在另一個場合進行。今天,教會舉行這個隆重的宣聖大典,目的只在承認那些殉道者的勇敢和言行一致是我們每個人的表率,這對高尚的中華民族是個榮耀。 在殉道者的行列中,也有三十三位男女傳教士。他們遠離自己的家鄉,設法生活在中國人的環境中,他們懷著愛心學習中國人的生活特性,只希望向中國人宣講基督,並為他們服務。他們的墳墓就在那裏,這幾乎意味著他們永遠屬於中國,他們固然有人性的不足,卻真正地熱愛這個國家,為這個國家耗盡一切力量。富格辣主教回答那位握著劍,準備殺他的總督說:「我並沒有害過無何人,卻為不少人謀過幸福。」 願聖母瑪利亞諸聖之后扶持所有基督徒和所有馴服於聖神的人,令基督的光傳遍世界的每個角落。 資料來源: 宣聖禮儀圖片及教宗講道撮要 Today, the Church celebrates the feast of Chinese martyrs. Let us revisit the words of Blessed John Paul II when he canonized the martyrs on October 1, 2000: “The precepts of the Lord give joy to the heart” (Responsorial Psalm). These words of the Responsorial Psalm clearly […]
Publish date: 2013 - 7 - 8

Conditions of Discipleship

Luke 9:18-24 Jesus engaging in prayer might perplex His disciples. For they saw Him praying like a man, whom before they had seen performing miracles with divine power. In order then to banish all perplexity of this kind, He asks them this question, not because He did not know the reports which they had gathered […]
Publish date: 2013 - 6 - 23

Jesus has conquered the world

若望福音 16:29-33 耶穌在面臨被出賣的痛苦之前,心裡記掛的是門徒。祂語重心長的說: 「我給你們講了這一切,好使你們在我內獲得平安。你們在世界上遭受窘迫,但放心吧!我已戰勝了世界。」 面對世界的迫害,我們難免感到不安。耶穌早已告訴我們基督徒的命運。祂知道我們要面對的是什麼,也作了完美的榜樣。祂已戰勝了世界!有祂這枝強心針,我們還有什麼要害怕? 五月十三日是花地瑪聖母紀念日。花地瑪聖母,為我等祈。 John 16:29-33 Knowing He would soon be betrayed, Jesus’ mind was occupied by the well-being of His disciples. He said: “I have told you this so that you might have peace in me. In the world you will have trouble, but take courage, I have conquered the world.” In the […]
Publish date: 2013 - 5 - 13

Pope Francis: The Church’s journey always takes place between the Cross and the Resurrection

教宗方濟各於週二(4月23日)與一些樞機主持彌撒,當天亦是教宗主保聖人聖喬治的瞻禮。他在講道中說:「聖經說: 『信而歸主的人,數目很多。』當巴爾納伯看到那麼多人,他感受到喜悅。『他一來到,看見天主所賜的恩惠就很喜歡』。他的喜樂是福傳者的喜樂。這喜樂由迫害開始,由極大的憂愁開始,而在喜樂中完結。教會就是這樣向前,如一位聖人所說,我這刻想不起是那一位:『在世界的迫害和天主的慰藉中』,這就是教會的生命。若我們想向世俗進發,與世界作一點妥協,如瑪加伯般受誘惑,我們便無法得到天主的慰藉。而如果我們只尋求不來自天主的慰藉,這只是很表面的慰藉,人性的慰藉。教會的旅程總是徘徊在十字架和復活之間,總是在迫害和天主的慰藉中。這就是當走的道路,走這路的人走得沒錯。」 Pope Francis celebrated mass with some cardinals on Tuesday (April 23), which is the feast of St. George, Pope Francis’ patron saint. He said in the homily: ‘The text says: ” And a large number of people was added to the Lord” – when he saw those crowds, he experienced joy. ” When […]
Publish date: 2013 - 4 - 23