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Pope Francis: Resist the temptations to gossip


Photo courtesy of Vatican Radio

教宗方濟各於週二為梵蒂岡醫療服務和政府職員主持彌撒。他在講道中說: 「當我們想說別人閒話,批判別人——這些事所有人都會遇到,包括我在內——這些都是魔鬼的引誘,他不想聖神透過我們在基督徒團體內實踐和平與溫良。這些掙扎總是存在於堂區、家庭、鄰居和朋友間。藉著聖神,我們得到新生命,祂使我們溫良、仁慈。」
On Tuesday, Pope Francis celebrated Mass in the chapel of the Casa Santa Marta with members of the Vatican medical services and office staff of the Vatican City Government. In the homily, he said: “When we prefer to gossip, gossip about others, criticize others- these are everyday things that happen to everyone, including me – these are the temptations of the evil one who does not want the Spirit to come to us and bring about peace and meekness in the Christian community”. “These struggles always exist” in the parish, in the family, in the neighborhood, among friends”. Instead through the Spirit we are born into a new life, he makes us “meek, charitable.”

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Pope: The struggle to reject gossip


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