An Act of Faith

by FLL Editorial Team

baby-moses出谷紀 2:1-15




Exodus 2:1-15

Since the Egyptians saw the people of Israel as a threat, as a result, Pharaoh commanded that every boy born to the Hebrews should be thrown into the river. Moses' mother saved his life. By hiding the baby for three months, then putting him in a basket to float on the river, she violated the law. Who would have thought that this baby would be saved miraculously, and that eighty years later, the Lord would use him to set the Israelite nation free from slavery? The Lord took a seemingly useless act of Moses' mother, to fulfill His divine will.

Often times, the Lord calls us to do things that seem useless. We do not understand how the time and effort we spend could make any difference in the end. But with Moses' mother, God tells us that as long as we act in accordance to His will, He would bless our offering, and leverage it to achieve something far greater than our expectations.

In order to act according to God's will, we have to rely on our faith and not our sight. In this Year of Faith, may the Holy Spirit increase our faith, so that God's will may be done.