Recognizing Jesus

by FLL Editorial Team

K101956聖瑪利亞.瑪達肋納(紀念) - 若望福音 20:1-2,11-18



Memorial of Saint Mary Magdalene - John 20:1-2, 11-18

In today's Gospel, we revisit the encounter of Mary Magdalene with the Risen Jesus. The Gospel reading mentioned Mary Magdalene went to the tomb “while it was still dark”. The darkness expresses the feelings in her heart. She has experienced in a personal way Jesus' mercy, and then she followed Christ with other disciples and witnessed His painful crucifixion. Her beloved Lord had suffered and left. And now, even His body had been removed. The Gospel mentions "weeping" several times, from this we can see how sad she was.

It is worthwhile to note that in all of the resurrection stories, people did not recognize Jesus. Mary Magdalene is no exception. When Jesus asked her who was she looking for, she mistaken Him to be a gardener. As St. Paul said in the first reading, "we once knew Christ according to the flesh, yet now we know him so no longer". Indeed, like Mary Magdalene, we could no longer know Christ according to our own eyes, because He had risen from death and is with His Father. Sometimes we might think how nice it would be if we could live in Jesus' time! But from St. Mary Magdalene's experience, we see that Jesus deliberately chooses to use a different manner to encounter with us. He would like us to not recognize Him with our own eyes, but to listen to His voice with our hearts. When Jesus said to St. Mary Magdalene, "Mary!" She immediately recognized Him. Jesus would also call us by our own names, to recognize Him, we have to learn to listen attentively with our hearts.