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Lord, if you wish……

Jesus heals the sick

瑪竇福音 8:1-4






Matthew 8:1-4

Our prayers often reflect our heart.
“Lord, I wish to have this.”
“Lord, may I have this?”
“Lord, are you willing to give me this?”
“Lord, if you’re willing, you can give me this.”
“Lord, may it be done to me according to your will.”

What difference does it make to you when you pray using these different statements?

Prayer is our conversation with God, and there’s no right or wrong. But when we’re not receiving what we’ve asked, and it’s affecting our faith in Him, perhaps we should reexamine our prayer.

In today’s gospel reading, we can learn a few things from the leper on a few things: his humility and courage in admitting his illness and his need to be cleansed by the Lord, and also the way he made his request. He didn’t question Jesus’ ability nor did he ask whether Jesus is willing or not, but he made a statement, “Lord, if you wish, you can make me clean.” He has faith that if Jesus is willing, it can be done; and while he has the desire to be cleaned, he left the decision to Jesus.

May we also have the humility and courage to admit our needs and limitations, while praying that Jesus will help us according to our Heavenly Father’s will. Let us have faith to believe our merciful Lord will reply us with compassion, “I am willing.”

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