Pope Francis to youths: Are you willing to be the hope of all people?

by FLL Editorial Team

(Vatican Radio) The recent World Youth Day celebrations in Brazil were the focus of Pope Francis' catechetical reflections on Wednesday at the weekly General Audience in St. Peter's Square. The Holy Father concentrated on three main motifs of the weeklong gathering: “welcoming”, “celebration” and “mission”. In the English-language summary that was read for the Pope, The Holy Father developed this threefold key to understanding WYD Rio, 2013

World Youth day was firstly characterized by the welcome extended to all of us; every visit has its challenges, but they can be transformed by a great welcome. Next, celebration: the culmination of World Youth Day is experienced when we praise the Lord, listen to his word and adore him in silence. The third element is mission:”

Our Lord said “Go […] and make disciples of all nations”. Then he added, “I am with you always”. This is essential! It is only with Christ that we can bring the Gospel to others.

The Holy Father concluded with the expression of the desire to see that welcome, celebration, and mission be not simply reminders of Rio, but a source of inspiration for our lives and communities.

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