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Galilean Women Follow Jesus

Like the eagle, enticing its young ones to fly, our Lord, step by step, raises up His disciples to heavenly things. He first of all teaches in the synagogues, and performs miracles. He next chooses twelve whom He names Apostles; He afterwards takes them alone with Him, as He preached throughout the cities and villages, […]
Publish date: 2013 - 9 - 20

Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross

The figure of the bronze serpent has the appearance of the beast, but not its poison; in the same way Christ came in the likeness of sinful flesh, being free from sin. By Christ’s being lifted up, understand His being suspended on high, by which suspension He sanctified the air, even as He had sanctified […]
Publish date: 2013 - 9 - 14

Love of Enemies

Having proceeded in the enumeration of many heavenly actions, Jesus wisely comes to this place last, that He might teach the people confirmed by the divine miracles to march onward in the footsteps of virtue beyond the path of the law. Lastly, among the three greatest, (hope, faith, and charity,) the greatest is charity, which […]
Publish date: 2013 - 9 - 12

Sayings on Discipleship

For because many of those that accompanied Him followed not with their whole heart, but lukewarmly, He shows what kind of a man his disciple ought to be. But it may be asked, how are we bid to hate our parents and our relations in the flesh, who are commanded to love even our enemies? […]
Publish date: 2013 - 9 - 8

Jesus called Fishers of Men

耶穌被群眾擠擁得上了船,然後坐在船上繼續教訓群眾。聖經中,船常代表教會,所以祂選擇上了西滿的船施教,相信有預告的意味。祂行為的次序也好像別有深意:祂首先在西滿的船繼續施教;然後吩咐西滿划到深處,去撒網捕魚;最後召叫西滿做捕人的漁夫。 西滿大概早已驚嘆於祂的教導,所以即使自知在捕魚方面更有經驗,他還是謙恭地稱耶穌為老師,並遵照祂的話,在自己認為沒有魚的地方撒網。當看見自己網了很多魚,多得網險些破裂並裝滿了兩隻船後,西滿明白眼前人並不簡單,便自慚形穢,對耶穌說:「主,請你離開我!因為我是個罪人。」可是耶穌還是召叫他跟隨祂,成為捕人的漁夫。 這聖經章節告訴我們,耶穌召叫的往往不是義人或完美的人,而是那些願意聽祂的話並遵守的人。西滿自認是個罪人,也對耶穌的話不一定完全認同,但難得的是他會照著祂的話去做。面對種種現實的限制,有時我們會覺得跟著耶穌的話生活不是件易事,但西滿顯示給我們看,只要信賴天主,跟隨祂的旨意而行,我們也能窺見天主的光榮,在不可能中看見可能。 The crowd was pressing in on Jesus, so He got into one of the boats, and continue teaching the crowd from the boat. Notice that boat in the bible often represents the church community, so it’s significant that He chose to get into Simon’s boat to continue His teaching. It is interesting […]
Publish date: 2013 - 9 - 4

The Parable of the Talents

The man traveling into a far country is our Redeemer, who ascended into heaven in that flesh which He had taken upon Him. For the proper home of the flesh is the earth, and it travels into a foreign country, when it is placed by the Redeemer in heaven. Calling together the Apostles, He gave […]
Publish date: 2013 - 8 - 31

Denunciation of the Scribes and Pharisees

天主吩咐過司祭和肋未人,人民十分之一的收成該獻於聖所,並歸於上主。法利塞人只關注這些事情,卻忽略了天主更重要的教導。他們嚴格仔細地計算穀物十分之一的奉獻,卻沒有在交易中履行正義、沒有憐憫窮人、沒有重視對上主的信德,這些其實都是更重要。忽略什一之物比忽略仁義的罪疚輕得多,所以主耶穌斥責他們:「瞎眼的嚮導!你們濾出蚊蚋,卻吞下了駱駝。」 可是避免有人聽見了以為可忽視什一之物的奉獻,耶穌補充說:「這些(公義、仁慈與信義)固然該作,那些(捐獻十分之一的薄荷、茴香和蒔蘿)也不可放過。」這些話表明天主的一切誡命,無論最大還是最小的,都該履行。這也提醒人不要以為捐獻了地上的產物就不會犯罪;其實除非他們小心讓自己遠離罪惡,否則他們的奉獻對他們毫無益處。 出於同樣的理由,耶穌責備法利塞人虛偽,對外面的人和在家顯露不同臉容。祂並不是指責他們洗擦杯盤的認真,而是他們表裡不一,因此耶穌形容他們「好像用石灰刷白的墳墓;外面看來倒華麗,裏面卻滿是死者的骨骸和各樣的污穢」。祂譴責人賣弄無謂的審慎,卻忽視執行有益的道德,因用的是杯盤的裡面,如果充滿罪污,清洗外面又有什麼好處呢?我們需要的是內心良知的純潔,那麼身體也就可能變得潔淨。 The Lord had commanded, that for the maintenance of the Priests and Levites, whose portion was the Lord, tithes of every thing should be offered in the temple. Accordingly, the Pharisees (to dismiss mystical expositions) concerned themselves about this alone, that these trifling things should be paid in, but overlooked other weightier […]
Publish date: 2013 - 8 - 27

Camel through the eye of a needle

在今天的福音中,耶穌繼續談及財富如何影響人能否得救。耶穌用了一個很形象化的比喻:「駱駝穿過針孔,比富人進天國還容易。」我們聽到耶穌這句話,可能有些不舒服。即使我們不算富有,大概也希望看見那些憑著自己努力的人能賺取應得的財富。如果一個人付出血汗,賺得很多金錢,這有什麼不妥? 福音所指的「富裕」是什麼意思?這是指一個人擁有大量財產,而他身邊的人卻連基本需要也未能滿足。在這樣的情形下,我怎能繼續握著「我的」財產不放呢?如果天國是一個仁愛和公義的國度,我又怎能稱自己是天國的一分子呢?福音中所指的富裕是拒絕跟貧窮的人分享,這樣的態度與天國所要求的格格不入。耶穌說的話跟當時猶太人的理解很不同,他們認為財富是天主對於義人的一種賞報,如今竟然變成進入天國的阻礙,這真是很難接受的事。耶穌很明白大家的憂慮,因此祂安慰他們,天主自會施恩寵幫助人得救:「為天主,一切都是可能的。」財富本身不是邪惡的,但「因為你的財寶在那裡,你的心也必在那裡」(瑪竇福音 6:21)如果我們富有,我們要謹記耶穌的話,按聖神的旨意,把擁有的跟其他人分施。 聽過耶穌的話,伯多祿提出問題,他們那些為跟隨耶穌而捨棄一切的人,能得到什麼呢?耶穌告訴他跟隨祂的人可以放心,不只可以「承受永生」,連所捨棄的也將有「百倍的賞報」。天主並不虧待人,選擇答覆天主召叫的人,其實並沒有放棄什麼,反而得到更大的福報,天主的旨意總是要使人更好更幸福。 資料來源: 平日福音分享 Tuesday of week 20 of Ordinary Time – Gospel In today’s Gospel, Jesus continues to talk about the effects of wealth on one’s salvation. Jesus uses an imagery to make His point: “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for one […]
Publish date: 2013 - 8 - 20

The Rich Young Man

See the two kinds of life which we have heard set before men; the Active, to which involves, You shall not kill, and the rest of the Law; and the Contemplative, to which pertains this, “If you will be perfect.” The active pertains to the Law, the contemplative to the Gospel; for as the Old […]
Publish date: 2013 - 8 - 19

Blessing of the Children

It was a custom among the ancients that little children should be brought to elders, to receive benediction by their hand or tongue; and according to this custom little children are now brought to the Lord. For the people now understood from His previous mighty works, that by laying on of His hands and by […]
Publish date: 2013 - 8 - 17

Vigilant and Faithful Servants

The parable relates to all the faithful in common, but now hear what suits the Apostles and teachers. For where will be found the steward that possesses in himself faithfulness and wisdom? For as in the management of goods, whether a man be careless yet faithful to his master, or else wise yet unfaithful, the […]
Publish date: 2013 - 8 - 11

The Grain of Wheat that Falls to the Ground

耶穌在今天福音中說那粒落在地裏死了的麥子,就是祂自己。祂知道祂的死能結許多果實。為祂來說,結果實比起祂自己的安全和舒適更為重要。 但耶穌不只叫我們紀念祂,更要仿傚祂所做的。我們不只被召叫去相信祂,而是去作祂的門徒。耶穌失去了祂人性的生命,但卻得到了復活的人性。 我們全部人都有自己的生活方式,總有一些人、一些地方、一些事令我們感到安逸的。我的生活也許不完美,但卻是熟悉的。耶穌邀請我們把自己交出。祂叫我們把自己的計劃、意願和命運全都放在祂手裡。領洗的意義就在於此,「我生活已不是我生活,而是基督在我內生活」(迦拉達書 2:20) 我不再坐在司機的座位上,但我請耶穌坐在那裡。我把我最愛的所有都放在祭台上,當天主把它們交給我,我才領回。 為何我們要這樣做?就是因為我們真的相信,把生命和夢想的種子埋在天主肥沃的土壤裡,會結出許多果實。我們會像宗徒們一樣,不斷成長,成就一些完全超乎我們想像的事。 The grain of wheat that Jesus spoke of in today’s Gospel refers to Himself. Jesus knew that his death would be fruitful beyond all imagining. And being fruitful was more important to Him than being safe or comfortable. But the Lord calls us not just to remember it, but […]
Publish date: 2013 - 8 - 9

Conditions of Discipleship

A man may seem to keep from sin, yet if he does not believe in the cross of Christ, he cannot be said to be crucified with Christ; whence it follows, “And take up his cross.” And because malefactors often suffer grievous things, that you should not suppose that simply to suffer evil is enough, […]
Publish date: 2013 - 8 - 9

Peter recognizes Jesus as the Messiah

在今天的福音中,耶穌問門徒人們認為祂是誰。他們向祂覆述坊間的傳言,說祂是復活的洗者若翰,或是舊約中的先知中的一位。然後耶穌要門徒自己思考,對他們來說,祂究竟是誰。那是門徒與耶穌的關係中重要的一刻。 西滿伯多祿回答說:「你是默西亞,永生天主之子。」為他和其他門徒,這是向前邁進了一大步。但他們當時並未完全認識耶穌的身份和使命。耶穌稱讚他,並讓他知道那是天父啟示了他。耶穌並稱西滿為伯多祿(磐石),給予他「天國的鑰匙」,即力量和權力。由此可見,伯多祿的權力和教會的權力,就是耶穌的權力。值得留意的是在亞拉美語和希伯來文中,在這之前,從沒有人名叫「伯多祿」的。 由他們意識到耶穌是默西亞的那刻起,耶穌便預備他們,讓他們知道之後要發生的事:「他必須上耶路撒冷去,要由長老、司祭長和經師們受許多痛苦,並將被殺,但第三天要復活。」我們很難想像他們聽到這些話會有多驚訝。他們剛知道師傅是默西亞,伯多祿更剛剛被立為領袖,這些可怕的事怎能發生?伯多祿把耶穌拉到一邊,對祂說:「主,千萬不可!這事絕不會臨到你身上!」他怎樣也想不到耶穌會稱他為撒殫,叫他做絆腳石!他才剛被視作可以依靠的磐石,轉眼間竟成了阻礙耶穌的絆腳石。 伯多祿和其他門徒用了一些時間才能接受一位受苦至死的默西亞。我們也應問自己,究竟我有多接受這位被拒絕、受盡磨難、死而復活的耶穌? In today’s Gospel, Jesus begins by asking his disciples who people think he really is. They respond with some of the speculations that were going round: he was John the Baptist resurrected from the dead or some of the great prophets. Then Jesus let them think for themselves, who He is […]
Publish date: 2013 - 8 - 8

The Parable of the Net

瑪竇福音 13:47-53 – 聖亞豐索(主教、聖師)(紀念) 在今天的福音中,耶穌以撒網捕魚比喻天國,漁獲被分成好的和壞的,壞的會被丟掉。當末日來臨時,好魚和壞魚會被清楚的區分出來。 我們不清楚末日會在何時來臨,但我們即使能活到一百歲,剩下的日子再長都不過是區區數十年。我們怎樣確保能在那時被界定為「好魚」呢?是否靠臨終前能趕及辦告解和領聖體呢?但我們不知道會否有這樣的機會。我們應立志每天依靠耶穌的力量,依照天主的旨意生活。 耶穌在說過比喻後,給我們形容了一位真正明白聖經的人的模樣。他深深明白蘊藏在舊約的珍寶,也明白新約的精神。正如耶穌曾說過,祂來不是為廢除律法,而是要滿全它。我們讀聖經,也不能單看福音而忽略舊約。讓我們也謹記,聖奧斯定曾這樣說過:「天主如此明智地安排,使得新約隱藏於舊約裡,舊約顯露於新約中。」 Matthew 13:47-53 – Memorial of Saint Alphonsus Liguouri, Bishop and Doctor of the Church In today’s Gospel, Jesus uses the Parable of the Dragnet to describe the Kingdom of God. The fish were divided into the good and the bad. The bad would be thrown away. When the end […]
Publish date: 2013 - 8 - 1

The Explanation of the Parable of the Weeds

Matthew 13:36-43 The Lord had spoken to the multitude in parable that He might induce them to ask Him of their meaning yet, though He had spoken so many things in parables no man had yet asked Him anything, and therefore He sends them away. Then Jesus sent the multitude away, and went into the […]
Publish date: 2013 - 7 - 29

How to pray

Luke 11:1-13 There are two kinds of prayer, one composed of praise with humility, the other of petitions, and more subdued. Then whenever you pray, do not first break forth into petition; but if you condemn your inclination, supplicate God as if you were forced. And when you begin to pray, forget all visible and […]
Publish date: 2013 - 7 - 27

The Priviledge of Discipleship

If we had not read that invitation to His hearers to understand, when the Savior said, “He that has ears to hear let him hear” (Mt 13:9), we might here suppose that the eyes and ears which are now blessed are those of the body. But those eyes are blessed which can discern Christ in […]
Publish date: 2013 - 7 - 25

Can you drink my cup?

瑪竇福音 20:20-28 在俗世社會中,人總希望往上爬,爭取更高的地位、更大的權力,也渴望享受隨之而來的名利、榮耀,成為被人服侍的一位;作為基督徒,也難免受到這種誘惑。 當雅各伯和若望的母親來向耶穌請求時,他們明顯並不明白耶穌之前所預告的,祂將要接受苦難的事實,滿腦子想著如何在這個猶太人的君王身邊得到較高的位置。另外十個門徒聽見後感到惱怒,大概因為他們也有同樣的想法。 我們也要問自己,為天主、為教會服務,動機是甚麼?真的是出於愛主愛人的奉獻,還是別有目的? 耶穌教導我們,跟隨祂,必須放棄這些屬於俗世的渴望,空虛自己,作近人的僕役,以愛彼此服侍,而不是期待別人為自己服務,也不要為得到甚麼;我們的賞報,天父自有決定。 另外,作為祂的門徒,必須要有心理準備在現世面對種種困難、批評,甚至會受到迫害,因為耶穌說過:沒有僕人大過主人的。雅各伯和若望說他們能飲耶穌的爵,其實並未明白耶穌的意思,所以當耶穌被捕後,他們都四散而逃。 因此,我們不要著眼於得失,但要好好裝備自己,免得受考驗時跌倒。如宗徒鼓勵我們:「親愛的,你們不要因為在你們中,有試探你們的烈火而驚異,好像遭遇了一件新奇的事;反而要喜歡,因為分受了基督的苦難,這樣好使你們在他光榮顯現的時候,也能歡喜踴躍。如果你們為了基督的名字,受人辱罵,便是有福的,因為光榮的神,即天主的神,就安息在你們身上。」– 伯多祿前書 4:12-14 「今世唯有以信德而生活,在考驗之夜,去侍奉天主;是多麼甘美之事!」— 聖女小德蘭 Matthew 20:20-28 It seems desirable for a lot of people to aim for higher social status, to a position where one has more power, fame and money, and to be a person that is being served rather than the one that is serving. […]
Publish date: 2013 - 7 - 25

The yoke that is fitting

瑪竇福音 11:28-30 耶穌邀請勞苦和負重擔的人到祂跟前,答應給他們安息,這承諾實在令人安慰。可是祂沒有叫我們放下一切,反而要背起祂的軛,向祂學習。 「軛」有被束縛或奴役的象徵,但對猶太人來說,它也表示對天主完全的降服,及喜悅地接受祂的法律,所以他們有「天國的軛」、「法律的軛」等說法。可是經師們漸漸把這些法律詮釋成繁瑣得令人無法背負的重擔,所以耶穌來給他們一個柔和的軛,實在是猶太人的喜訊。 「柔和」按希臘文原文有「合適」的意思,所以耶穌要跟隨祂的人背起的軛,是合適的,不會超過人的能力,而事實上,祂的軛就是愛。耶穌教門徒以愛去滿全天主的法律,學習祂良善心謙地活出基督徒的身份,確實比盲目死守一些規條,來得輕鬆。 耶穌這承諾也是我們現代人的福音。我們在人生中每個階段都扮演不同的角色,有不同的責任,當中有不少壓力與重擔。耶穌並沒有教我們不負責任;祂教我們如何能讓這些擔子變成輕鬆,那就是跟隨祂,學習祂懷著一顆良善的心去愛、去服務;也要有謙卑的心,去讓天主在我們內工作。那麼面對甚麼情況,我們也能互助互愛,彼此包容,凡事忍耐,開懷地活出每一天。 Matthew 11:28-30 Jesus invites those who labor and are burdened to come to Him, and promises to give them rest. While this invitation is comforting, note that He did not say one should put down the burdens, but to take up His yoke and learn from Him. “Yoke” has […]
Publish date: 2013 - 7 - 18

Jesus: A Cause of Division

Matthew 10:34-11:1 – Memorial of Saint Bonaventure, Bishop and Doctor of the Church How then did Jesus enjoin the Apostles, that when they should enter any house they should say, “Peace be to this house”, as also the Angels sung, “Glory to God in the highest, on earth peace to men.” That is the most […]
Publish date: 2013 - 7 - 14

Courage under Persecution

Matthew 10:24-33 Because it should come to pass that His disciples among their other persecutions should suffer loss of character, which to many is the most grievous of all calamities, Jesus consoles them from His own example, and those things that were spoken of Him; a comfort to which no other can be compared. Therefore […]
Publish date: 2013 - 7 - 13

Clever as snakes and innocent as doves

瑪竇福音 10:16-23 在今天的福音中,耶穌告訴我們,福傳者被派遣出外去傳揚福音,就像羊群被放在狼群中一樣。由於我們放棄採取暴力,我們完全沒有自衛的能力。在外面有狼想消滅我們,我們所宣揚愛、公義與和平的訊息被他們視為威脅。耶穌告誡我們要像蛇一樣機警,但卻要像鴿子般純樸。當面對世界的一切,我們要運用創意;但要保持一份純真,不是幼稚,但別因為要達到好的目的而做任何惡事。 自古以來,直至現在也是,很多追隨基督的人都因為這個身份而要面對審判、恐嚇或折磨。這是我們為基督和福音作見證的機會。當我們被「交出」時,耶穌叫我們不要憂慮該說什麼,我們可從宗徒大事錄中多次見到,當門徒被捕和盤問時,他們不用想該說些什麼,但他們完全沒有恐懼。 耶穌在這篇福音最後的話令人傷感,但祂所說的都是真的。跟隨耶穌可以令家庭分裂。我們自領洗的一刻就加入了一個新的家庭,有新的義務。我們承諾天主去愛,去追隨真理和公義。如果我們的父親叫我們違背福音的話,我不能聽從他;如果我的兄弟要我跟罪惡同流合污,我不能聽從他。要作這些選擇並不容易,但不選擇基督的後果只有更壞。 耶穌說:「幾時人們在這城迫害你們,你們就逃往另一城去」。祂從來沒叫我們要令自己受迫害,但若我們沒法到別處去,這就是我們不作妥協,為福音作見證的時候。 Matthew 10:16-23 In today’s gospel passage, Jesus told us that those who are sent to spread the Good News are like sheep being placed in the midst of wolves. We are in a way defenceless because we renounce any use of violence. There are wolves out there eager to destroy […]
Publish date: 2013 - 7 - 11

The Commissioning of the Twelve

瑪竇福音 10:7-15 – 聖本篤(院長)(紀念) 留意宗徒是在什麼時候被派遣。當他們看過死者復活,風浪被平息以及其他奇蹟,在言語和行為上都見證過耶穌的大能以後,耶穌才派遣他們。我們要憑那位看不見的主宰賜的信德才能走近天國,沒有其他方法。在天上的聖人聖女就是憑著信德,全心愛天主而被舉揚。 耶穌賦予宗徒能力讓他們醫治病人,潔淨癩病人,復活死人和驅逐邪魔,讓這些奇蹟引證他們所宣講的話。宗徒們所行使的能力是耶穌完全交託給他們的,他們是照亞當和天主的肖像被造,現在更獲得了基督完美的肖像;撒旦帶給亞當的罪惡現在已藉著與天主的大能的共融而被修補。這些奇蹟為教會的初期是必需的;信徒的信德要靠奇蹟來維持,藉此增長。但到了後來,奇蹟因為信仰得到確立而變得罕見;天主通常在邪惡的勢力增加時行奇蹟,以彰顯祂的大能。聖教會每天都以屬靈的方式行當天宗徒所做的事;這甚至更為偉大,因為她醫治人的靈魂而非身體。 屬靈的恩賜如果要用其他東西來交換的話,便被貶低了,因此耶穌補充了一句譴責貪婪:「你們白白得來的,也要白白分施」;彷彿在說:「我作為你的主人和天主,把這些能力白白賜給你們,因此你們也要同樣分施給他人,令福音的恩寵不被沾污」。如果他們不因為償報而傳揚福音,他們便不需要擁有金銀和財富。如果他們擁有這些,便會為了得到利益而傳福音,而不是為了使人得救。耶穌要宗徒放棄財富,幾乎要他們連基本的需要也不理。宗徒教導人「天主自會照料」,因此也要以身作則,表明他們不為未來憂慮。 今天教會紀念聖本篤(院長),他是西方隱修之祖。他最為人熟悉的成就是撰寫了《聖本篤會規》,這是為渡隠修生活的人寫成的一系列訓誡,旨在令他們更親近天主。 Matthew 10:7-15 – Memorial of St. Benedict, Abbot Observe the timing in which the Apostles are sent. After they had seen the dead raised, the sea rebuked, and other like wonders, and had had both in word and deed sufficient proof of Jesus’ power, then He sends […]
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