The Holy Catholic Brew S2E4: Vocational 系列 #4 – Diocesan and Religious Priesthood, with Fr. Peter Turrone

by Kenny Cheng

You might think that God calls men to become His priests in the same way. But no two vocational stories are ever exactly the same. Were they devout as children? Did they always want to become a priest? Did they ever desire another vocation? Did their peers and family support or dissuade them? You generally don’t get to ask your parish priest these sorts of questions, so let me ask one for you. This episode is the fourth of my vocational series, where I ask my guests to pick a song relating to their vocational discernment and to answer these seven simple questions:

1. Please introduce yourself and how we got to know each other.
2. Explain your song of choice and how it relates to your discernment.
3. Please explain your vocation in general and what it means to you.
4. How did you discern your vocation in general? Were there any challenges?
5. Why did you pursue your vocation with this diocese/order/person in particular?
6. How has your faith changed since entering this vocation?
7. If you could advise your 18-year-old self about your vocation, what would you say?

I am really excited about this episode because I get to chat with Fr. Peter Turrone whom I know from my time at the Newman Centre, the Catholic chaplaincy at the University of Toronto. Currently the Pastor and Executive Director there, he grew up Catholic but did not take ownership of his faith until a Confirmation retreat experience drew him to a personal encounter with Christ. After his undergraduate studies at York University, he later earned his neuroscience doctorate at the University of Toronto, where he was active at the Newman Centre. At first, he was ordained a priest in the Consolata Missionaries and sent to proclaim the Gospel in Mongolia. For health reasons, he was then incardinated a priest in the Archdiocese of Toronto and then transferred to the Newman Centre chaplaincy. You can learn more from their website at

The song you heard in the intro was “Wayfaring Stranger”, by The Quebe Sisters and the song Fr. Peter Turrone chose was “What a Beautiful Name”, by Hillsong Worship. If you have any friends and family that you think would like this podcast, please share wherever you listen to your podcasts! You can drop a comment or question for me to answer in a future episode at