“Road from Emmaus” – Why Catholicism? (Part 1)

by Kenny Cheng

On today’s episode, Andrew and Jason dig into the foundations and fundamentals of their faith life. Why are they Catholic? Before they can answer that question though, it’s necessary to take a look at a couple of other questions: Why believe in religion at all? And of all the religions in the world, why Christianity? The first part of a two-episode mini-series, they touch on moral relativism, and how Christianity isn’t just about being a good person or following a set of rules; it’s being in a relationship with God. They also announce some exciting news off the top–you can now find the Road from Emmaus podcast on Fountain of Love and Life!
04:38 – Encountering the Fountain of Love and Life on the Road from Emmaus
09:10 – “Why religion?” and moral relativism
15:25 – Who are we to judge? What does it mean to have intellectual discourse?
22:49 – Religion provides a structure of consistent thinking
28:43 – Religion is often more than just having good ethics or morals
31:27 – “Why Christianity?”: Christianity is more than just good morals
35:29 – God seeks to be in relationship with us
43:15 – C.S. Lewis’s thoughts on how Jesus is God, and not just a moral teacher